Social media sensationalism, political candidates and disregard for the numbers

I don’t care who stands for what, if you can’t prove it on a spreadsheet, I’m not hearing it.

But this is what we see. People rallying behind political candidates that are not doing anything but telling people want they want to hear, instead of looking at the numbers and facts.

This video gives my thoughts on a recent political candidate running for office where I live, and The Power of the Brand in action.

Artificial Intelligence: We are already locked into the grid

I have been thinking about doing a lecture on Artificial Intelligence for a long time but the recent interview with Joe Rogan and Elon Musk made me think about it.

Basically, we are already locked into the grid to a certain extent. We email, we text, we use our cell phones, our cell phones track our every move, etc.

The question becomes how much of our humanity do we maintain as we move forward?

Just ask yourself that question quietly. I'll elaborate more soon. Stay tuned.

Boston Dynamics AI Robot opening the door for itself.

The Unboxing of my First Book! Social Media Rehab

Have to say it was pretty cool to open this box, take out the book and feel the pages. The best feeling in the world is bringing a thought into fruition, regardless of how big or small it is. Enjoy!

Now that you've seen it, it's your turn to Escape the Digital Plantation. Get the book!

RE: What the fuck happened to hip hop?

Nobody asked me this question. This is a video response to another video I saw entitled "What the Fuck Happened to Hip Hop" In the video. DMC from Run DMC very pointedly compares today's "hip hop" to disco music.

He also talks about that hip hop is the top selling genre now at the worst possible time for it to be the top selling genre relative to the quality of music some of these goofball artists are producing. Again, if you listen to my key concepts when I talk about Fake Artists, that's what he's addressing. All of this shit is exclusively product now. It is more concerned with Infamy and not mastery.

Anyways, listen to the video, it's pretty good!

I mention a lot of other stuff too like Dirty Electricity and the fact that you need to purchase a Trifield meter to measure your house for harmful electromagnetic fields. Once you identify where they are, you then need to order Stezerizer Filters to neutralized the harmful electromagnetic fields. Hell yeah! No rappers out there talking about that shit!