The unique skill is the skill that you have or that you develop that nobody else has.

I talk about this all throughout my podcast, but it came out of Fanmail Podcast #1. My friend expressed to me that he was having problems attracting women. He felt that he could not do it for all kinds of reasons. That he may not be as attractive as other people or that he doesn't know how to talk to the women very well, etc.

This may all be true, but my point is that him not having money or not being attractive or whatever he believes about himself has nothing to do with the hard wiring that attracts women to things.

Women are attracted to people and situations that are unique above all else. You see the videos all over YouTube of the guy who pulls up in the Lambo and all of a sudden the girls want to talk to him because she's a "golddigger". While that may be true to a certain extent, that's not really why. She is attracted to him because that individual now has an object that makes him unique relative to the rest of the popluation. In caveman days, this unique skills or strength would keep her alive in the proverbial tribe.

The same can be said about the normal guy sitting at the coffee shop trying to say hello to the girls that walked by. He had a certain level of response when he did this. Then for the experiment, whoever was conducting it stuck a guitar in his hands, a token that made him unique or different relative to the rest of the "tribe" and the percentage of women who responded to him increased exponentially.

This is because it established that he was now you unique or had a unique skill.

Furthermore, in criminal organizations the money launderer may not be killed by the mafia boss because he has all of the information on the organization's financial affairs and he also is the only one that knows how to launder the money. This makes him indespensible. That is his unique skill.

The reason this is so critical in life is because if you want to survive or become great, you must identify or develop unique skills that make you indespensible to others. In other words, it makes people need you.