The Unicorn Effect is basically what happens when someone attains such a high level of mastery and going zero to 1 that they are one of a kind in the universe. Masters may be able to do similar things to other masters, but the unicorn breaks every rule in the key concepts and nothing applies to him.

Elon Musk is an example of a unicorn. His unique skills combined with going zero to 1 as an innovator are so distinct that he is solving some of humanities biggest problems such as interplanetary colonization. When other people or organizations talk about how they are making electric cars, he laughs because he knows the products he has created as a result of his own vision cannot be replicated. When Jeff Bezos at Amazon says they are starting a space company or that they are operating a space company for space tourism, Elon Musk laughs because Jeff Bezos does not have the same Rockstar magnetism that Elon does. If you put them both in a room with a beautiful female, she is going to fuck Elon Musk not Jeff Bezos. That's what unicorn is. They defy the commonly held reality and get the entire world to bend to theirs