People in general, especially the younger generations that are growing up are not prepared for the real world in front of them.

The education systems are not teaching them the right skills and even when they teach them skills, they are not teaching them the reality of the world they are about to enter.

For example, people think that if you take the test an make an "A" then you will always advance.

This is not true. Sometimes even when you become the best, there are forces of human nature, people and powers that will attempt to stifle your ascent if you do not have the proper tools to recognize and navigate this landscape. Everyone has stories of bosses that promoted someone else over them or a spouse that cheated on them and they don't understand why.

The content embodied in this website tells you why, how to recognize it and how to properly navigate, crush or overcome those situations so that you can move forward and evolve.

My whole philosophy is to teach you how to be independent. An independent student, an independent entrepreneur, business person, male, female, family and friend.

The content here will help you to do that.

Welcome to the Manicotti Republic. Trade with all, alliances with none. We are an Army of One.

Michael Manicotti