The immutable law of numbers states that when someone cites a statistic, it is not up for intepretation. For example, if you quote a statistic on gun crime directly from the FBI website and they tell you that's not true, this is them debating the numbers. The reality of what they are being presented with conflicts with their fantasy that they believe or are being told.

For example, if I told you that in 2006 $160 million dollars was spent caring for illegal immigrants at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas , that is not debatable and that regardless of what your fantasy or opinion is on the issue of illegal immigration, the immutable law of numbers proves that it is costing us money.

Another way to put it is that the immutable law of numbers states that if you are running a business and you are operating at a deficit or in the red, then your business is losing money and will eventually go out of business if it does not make money return to making a profit and go back into the black.

People who debate you on the numbers try to bend reality to suit their fantasy as it relates to the statistics.