Slave master syndrome is when a person speaks badly of you or your vision. No master worthy or praise will ever criticize an aspiring entreprenuer or artist for their efforts to tell them what they "should" do. They may make suggestions on how to improve as somebody who has more knowledge than them in a given field, but they will never attack an aspiring artist for trying to better themselves.

Someone with Slave Master Syndrome attempts to control another individual through force as opposed to leadership. A true great leader will never be a slave master but a liberator of people's minds, bodies and souls. They will give them the keys to the castle so that they may let themselves out of the dungeon and go build their own.

Someone with Slave Master Syndrome is only respected in public when a monetary exchange is occurring that benefits someone for which the Slave Master may do business. The slave master is not respected in private by any person or individual including their slaves. Slave master may be charming, and likeable but in private they are only concerned with people of blood relation.

Someone with Slave Master Syndrome typitcally skipped a step in the ladder to reach their current position. For example, if they are running a business, they could have financed the purchase as opposed to building it from the ground up. They are not concerned with mastery or excellence if there is no competition in their given field.

They are basically lazy individuals that spend more time vocalizing things than taking their pains and transmutating them into difficuilt work.