Some of the world's greatest problems are solved by the simplest of means. For example, Elon Musk was tired of sitting in traffic, so he wanted to bore a tunnel underneath Los Angeles to speed up that process. He called this company the boring company. The mission of the company solves a simple problem. The solution, however is very complex. The equipment, personelle, engenieering, etc. it takes to send a massvie machine underground to complete this task is a complex process.

So, if I say I want to change society and move us back towards a more concious and real place, that is also a simple problem. We all want people to be real with us and not sugarcoat things. The process is complex. I have to write books like Social Media Rehab, which explains why social media is not beneficial if you are not using it for a profit or I have to write a rap song or album to prove how easy that art form is relative to for example, Rock music that requires learning how to play an instrument. That process is extremely complex.

I am creating content, editing content, managing marketing platforms, responding to commentary, figuring out how to monetize the products I create as a result of me pursuing this mission and art. All of those things require years of experience and are very time consuming.