Should I do Air BnB?

I have talked a lot about the sharing economy throughout my content. The short answer to this question is, what is your goal?

Are you trying to have fun, be a host, meet people from around the world, or are you trying to make MONEY?

It all depends on what your objective is. Watch the video to learn more.

What kind of life do you emphasize in your pursuit of happiness?

What kind of life do you emphasize in your pursuit of happiness?

I'm already answered this in a variety of ways, but here is my answer to that one.

Everybody always says that they want to be happy, but what they need to be thinking about is what are going to work towards that's going to lead them to ultimate fulfillment.

We can titilate ourselves all day long doing all kinds of different things that may make us "happy" in the short term and not as well off in the long term.

What you need to do is figure out what you are going to do that's going to make you live a life of purpose that makes an impact.

I have also talked about this in my question and answer on I just graduated and I don't know what to do with my life, any suggestions?

These are all common questions, such as what is the meaning of life.

I may continue to answer these questions in different ways based on new stuff that I feel I may have not covered in other posts.

What do you think of my music?

I received a request for someone to review their music. As mentioned, I only provide feedback to aspiring artists when they ask me. As a master at my craft, it is the job of the apprentice to ask the master how he or she may improve. At that time he may comment on their work and progress. That being said, here is my feedback.

Also mentioned in this post is the song she asked me to review, which was her rendition of Crossroads Blues by Robert Johnson.

As you know, he is famous because he was an excellent bluesman and he supposedly sold his soul to the devil at the Crossroads. That is a myth. I knew several artists that knew him, including David "Honeyboy" Edwards who was with him the night he died that confirmed that story was total bullshit.

Anyways, watch the video for more.

How do I permanently delete my Facebook account?

Many people ask me how to delete their Facebook account permanently, so I created the world's shortest video on how to do that. Shortest at the time of this publishing. Or maybe it's one of the world's shortest. Anyways, it's the Manicotti Republic's shortest video. I'm not going to google and find out how many other short videos there are.

Check out my book Social Media Rehab to learn more about how to get yourself off these platforms.

I just graduated, and I don't know what to do with my life. Any suggestions?

Many young people feel lost after they graduate high school or college. They did really well in their studies, but they don't know their purpose.

This video provides some suggestions on how to identify a purpose and try a lot of things until you find one that you like most.

I will probably elaborate on this further in a lecture, but I wanted to go ahead and post this so that people can benefit.

What do you stand for?

Someone asked me "You tell us what you don't like, what is it that you do like or that you do stand for?"

People assume I don't like a host of things because I look at the numbers and the numbers do not sync in with their fantasy. They then start to ask questions like this.

If I don't like something, it's probably because it makes not sense from a statistical standpoint.

That being said, here is my response to that.


Who's more boring a consumer or a ambitious person?

Okay, this question was actually way more abstract than that, but I did my best to try to answer it in several different forms based on what I think this person is trying to say.


Just watch the video response for more.

Who's your publisher?

This is what's called a qualifying question or a question someone asks you in attempt to transfer power from you to themselves. It is indicative of a petty person.

I always find it funny when people ask questions like this. As you can tell by my video response, I literally box in every single issue and person who comes at me, so feel free to keep doing it. It's entertaining to both myself and the viewers.