Top 10 reasons why guns are not the problem

This one is going to be short and sweet, because it's really a simple issue that people like to complicate. But the numbers are pretty clear. When private law-abiding citizens can own guns, the violent crime rate is lower. That being said, these are my Top 10 reasons why guns are not the problem.

  1. Guns are inanimate objects that people give power to - I talk about this in The Power of the Brand about the Money Bunny that all my friends thought was possessed because it has scary eyes or the Buddha that I found in the trash that maybe somebody put in there because it had bad jujiu. I put both of these items in my house and nothing happened. I mean they scared other people, but they didn't cause paranormal events or bad luck to occur within my own household. That's because they are inanimate objects that people give power to. That's what the brand is. That's what a gun is. It's an inanimate objects made by a machine that will not harm a person or group of people any more than an automobile will crashing at an intersection.
  2. There is an inverse relationship between firearms restriction an violent crime. Countries that ban guns or highly restrict them have a higher per capita VIOLENT crime rate than the United States - Looking at gun control from a statistical global perspective what the numbers show is that when you take the guns away or restrict them in any way, the violent crime rate goes up. Period. It's not a debate. There are no gray areas, it is an inverse relationship. Take them away, violent crime goes up. So boom, next point.
  3. Every tyrannical, corrupt and evil government in history restricted firearms ownership - Hitler did it, Stalin did it Mao did it in China. When you take away the guns, it increases the power of the state and decreases the power of the people. No people in history have ever gained more freedom or self control over their destiny by not being able to have the right to own a gun. If advocates for gun control ask why we should have guns, then proponents for firearms get to ask, why shouldn't we? The why we should has already been addressed in points 1. Guns are inanimate objects that have no power beyond what people give them  and 2. There is an inverse relationship between the violent crime and firearms ownership. The more guns there are in the hands of private citizens, the more violent crime goes down.
  4. The statistics show that most gun related crime is associated with the drug trade - School Shootings, Mass shootings and all the scary brandable shit you can wrap around the AR-15 only account for 3% of gun related homicides. You even have mainstream news media outlets like Newsweek that have acknowledged this. The statistics reflect that most gun related crime is associated with the drug trade. The reason being? People are willing to kill or be killed for money.
  5. There are dozens of guns that look like and are equally as powerful as the AR-15 which are never demonized by the media - I have never once heard the mainstream media or social media talk about the Ruger Mini-30 rifle, one that is equally as powerful as the AR-15. The reason they don't talk about it is because the AR-15 has already been branded as the black sheep. It's easier for them to demonize the AR-15 "assault style" or "military style" gun because it gives people something to latch on to. It's no different than how Fake Artists are made in the music industry. They come up with one talking point about these artists to appeal to the singular minded nature of the mildly retarded population of America.
  6. There are already laws in place to protect you - Criminals commit crimes. That's why they call them criminals. They don't care what the laws are. But let's just say they followed the rules. You already can't get a firearm if you are a felon. If you try to buy one, the government stops you by identifying you as someone in their system that is not suppose to own a firearm. If you try to do it, you are committing a crime.
  7. People like Spectacles, especially Americans - I explain in my video that America is one giant country that want its asshole tickled. We like spectacles. Americans want to be entertained and shocked. As a matter of fact, they need to be. This is why celebrities receive more followers and attention than political leaders. As a matter of fact, people were surprised when Donald Trump won, including me. But I was not surprised because I understand that Americans overall want to be entertained more than anything else. It bleeds all the way through to social media, dating apps, memes you name it. People do not want to become master's worthy of praise. They want an easy route to that dopamine hit. That is why school shooters get so much attention. People love being appalled. They enjoy the spectacle. But all this shit has nothing to do with guns. It has to do with people's desire to consume drama.
  8. A shit ton of crimes are stopped with guns - You never see about the armed rapist or robber that broke into the house and was killed by the mother protecting her baby. As a matter of fact, this type of situation happens so frequently in America that there is a weekly newsletter I get from a gun advocacy organization that tells me about them! A lot of crimes are stopped by private citizens who used their guns, but unless it's a spectacle that supports an agenda to restrict firearms ownership, it's not going to be promoted.
  9. Nobody ever talks about or holds people accountable for the Why - Investigators always look for motives. Some people believe it's the guns. Take them away and the problem is solved. But since we've proven that the statistic doesn't support that, we must look at the Why. If a 3% of gun related crime is because of mass shootings, why did the shooters feel motivated to take that action? How many of them were on mind altering psychotropic drugs when they committed these crimes? Even if we did restrict firearms ownership, until we ask these questions, it's a moot point.
  10. People that want to restrict firearms ownership don't know the full picture and don't care to see it - People sell themselves on their own beliefs, even me. But there is a difference between choosing a path based on numbers and experience than choosing a path just because it sounds or feels good. The numbers always tell a story. Period. I've discussed in multiple podcasts such as How to Keep Your Business in Check. So regardless of what your belief is on firearms, the bottom line proves that when private citizens can own them, the world is a safer place.