How to get ahead when you're so far behind

I meet a lot of people who tell me "You're so Lucky".

You're right, I am.

I've earned the right to be lucky. I'm not going to go into all my stories of hardship because quite frankly, I don't want to remember them.

I don't even really look at the podcasts I've done because that's where I was, not where I am.

But for those who think they are so much farther behind than me, I am going to lay out a few things that may help.

That being said, if you feel so far behind relative to your fellow human, here are some things you can do to get ahead.

  1. Write shit down - You need to make a plan. It doesn't matter what it is, write it down. If you aspire to drive a Ferrari, write it down. If you want a bangin chic with bangin hips, write it down. Cut out magazine pictures or print off instagram models and paste them on to a poster board if you want. You can't live in your mind. You need to get your mind outside. That's what my whole website is about. It's a brain dump. The crazy thing is that I am moving and making connections in my mind so fast that I don't even have time to write it all down, but you do. You have enough time to feel sorry for yourself and because you do, you need to take some of the time you're using to do that and write shit down.

  2. Turn off the distractions - If you're consuming social media, watching Netflix, Hulu or any of that shit, you are still tilling the digital plantation. Stop. I have not watched Netflix in like 2 months. If I ever watch it, it's usually while I'm eating some wholesome food that I made at my house. I sit down in my chill room at my house and eat it on the white coffee table and turn on the 55" inch LED TV I never use and watch whatever is on the first line of the Netflix Menu. 15 minutes. MAX. Anymore than that and you are now distracted. Mark Cuban always says that you should be working like someone's out there trying to kick your ass and he's right.

  3. Write shit down, again. Now that you're not distracted - That's right, we're going back to this point. Since you've turned of the distractions, you can now go back to point 1 and write shit down. The shit that you want in your life.

  4. Fucking move - The main reason people get stuck in a run is because they sat down in it and they won't keep moving. Everyone thinks it's hard to move. It's harder to get up if your legs are atrophed because you failed to use them, so use them. Movement creates momentum. I'm not saying your momentum is going to create success but like I talk about in the 14 Things a Real Artist does podcast and many other podcasts, the only wrong way to do the artistic process is to not do the artistic process. That's what I'm saying. It is true that any action is better than no action. Any decision is better than no decision. When you make a decision you either find out the right way or a wrong way to do a given task. When you figure out a wrong way you gain experience you can use.

  5. Stop comparing yourself to the next guy - Alot of people see me and say shit because they have not seen me standing next to mother fuckers who drive McLaren P1's. How do you think it feels to stand next to someone like that? Or maybe a musician that is more famous than you? It doesn't feel any type of way to me, because what I do has nothing to do with what they do. Unless they are a Fake Artist or Fake Guru and then it has everything to do with what I do. But if those people are out of the picture, then I am not worried about the next guy. If I don't lift my own weights, I am not going to get stronger. It's hard for people to shut off that mechanism but they need to learn to. If you're worried about me stealing your girlfriend than either improve your status or find a new girlfriend, because how she acts towards me is not my fault. People can all peacefully coexist and be on different levels, income or otherwise. You don't have to be buddies with people that are better than you and they may not even want to be anyways, but at least you have something to aspire towards.

  6. Stop spending money on stupid shit - Lots of people tell me I have it so good as I get into my 4 door pickup truck and they go get in their new import car. My truck is normal and I bought it because I use it for shit. There is a huge difference between the two. If you're taking these instagram gals out to $100 dinners and on trips to Santa Fe and shit don't be surprised if you're running on empty. That's you're fault. I'm focused on making something of myself, being my greatest self and becoming baller of the year over here. That shit comes at a price and since it does I'm not wasting it on things I don't need, so boo yah!

  7. Recognize how far you've come - If you're back living with your parents, you're in your 30s and in debt, I could understand why you're feeling a little low right now, as you should be. Lol. Do you have a degree? Do you have a car? What do you have? Take a personal inventory. Did you used to be addicted to drugs and alcohol and now you're not? That's a huge accomplishment and don't ever fool yourself into thinking it's not. Those type of things are things people never take stock of that need to be. Some of the greatest success stories of our time happened when motherfuckers hit rock bottom and became homeless. If they can do it, you can do, but you won't be able to if you don't write shit down. If you're sleeping in the streets, write it on your cardboard box. However you do it, just do it. Recognize the progress you've made.

  8. Take an inventory of the people around you and why they're there - I'm not afraid to let people go or cut people loose if they are not serving my end. As a matter of fact I am ruthless about it, so don't take it personal if I ghost your ass and you never hear from me again. If you were ever a true friend, you will understand that. Everybody is seasonal for a reason. Sometimes even family can be seasonal. Your Day One people, that's all bullshit. Nobody supported me on Day One. Everyone either told me the wrong shit to do or told me not to do what I did, so why would I bring them with me to where I'm going? I'm not. Period. If I decide to it's random and for novelty's sake, but don't expect me to develop a trend off it.

  9. Take your unique skill and amplify it - It could be entirely true that you have no unique skills. If you don't, you need to develop one. Maybe there is something you know how to do that could distinguish you from the rest of the population but you need to get better at it. Do that. I was once terrible at the guitar, according to my mom and probably according to a lot of other people that will refuse to admit it, but I still liked it so I did it. Because I was doing it I got better and then I eventually played something on that guitar that my mom liked. Then I started playing shit on there that more people liked so I amplified it. Now it's a unique skill, unique to me that I have amplified and you can do. Just follow that process. Remember the process, the wrong way is to not do it. Try lots of things until you find one you like and then focus on it. That's all I can really say about it.

  10. Don't go backwards - People tend to want to reach for the safety net when things get uncomfortable. Reaching out to "old friends", creeping people on the internet or calling up an x-girlfriend at 1:30 a.m., those are all examples of going backwards. You need to resist the urge to do those things and instead fill that time with writing about what you do want to do. When you go backwards, the playing field has almost always changed and even when you feel like you have not evolved, those people that you reach out to may be less evolved than you and they may bring you down. There are lots of people that reach out to me but they still don't want to listen when I provide them solutions. They don't want to put in the work, they expect you will bring them to your level, but that's not possible and that's why you shouldn't go backwards. You are where you are for a reason. I'm not saying you shouldn't reach out to a friend in need or former friend that now has a need that nobody else can fulfill, but you need to be really keen on what you are going to do and not do for them and establish a boundary.