Things that are stopping you from moving forward

Moving forward or evolution is something that most people will never do. That being said, you are at a tremendous advantage in every way if you do decide to learn from your mistakes and evolve as a person so that you can move forward.

This podcast outlines the pitfalls and things that are stopping you from moving forward.

  1. You are on social media for anything other than making money - Everybody knows how I feel about social media. It's destroying your life if you are using it for anything other than a business purpose. Social media is basically designed for two reasons, to 1. Take your time and attention away from you 2. Sell your time and attention to advertisers. The sooner you figure this out the sooner you are going to move towards doing something worthwhile.
  2. You get butt hurt by other people's reactions to you - Other people are not responsible for your emotional health, you are. If you are in any way offended or hurt by someone in your life, you get to choose whether or not they are going to be in your life. If you stay in abusive relationships, continue to entertain friends that are not contributing to your evolution and well being, etc., you are the only person responsible for why you are unhappy.
  3. You think somebody is going to save you - Victim Culture is the biggest tragedy of the free and open republic. There are so many people that blame their circumstances and situations on other people that it is literally dragging down our GDP. Entitlements, hand outs, social media, etc. We have become one giant country of complainers that take the most basic of freedoms for granted. Nobody is going to save you, so get up off your ass and do something.
  4. Repeating old cycles - If you have a good job that pays good money and does not challenge or help you grow then you need to find another job if you want to evolve. Companies want you to stay right where you are because it's a huge benefit to them to keep their people in place. They don't want you to evolve. They want you to drive that forklift your entire life because then it means that they don't have to find another compliant worker to fill that slot. They are more than happy to pay to keep you happy if it continues to make them money without static.
  5. Focusing on people and situations you can't change - If I can't affect change in something, I cut bait immediately. One of my best traits is the ability to understand if something or someone is a Heavyweight on me. It's pretty easy to determine too. It is not your job to get someone else to realize their potential. That's their job. You can lead them to the lake but you can't make them drink. Don't even try.
  6. Not trying anything new or different - Experiencing new things gives you perspective. If you're not doing that on a regular basis then you can't possibly know what's out there. People who are not open minded to new situations are not interesting to be around at all and rarely find themselves in the company of high achievers. It's one thing to have experienced life and then choose what you like and dislike but if you don't do anything new ever then you will always be old. Trying something new exposes your humanity, humbles you and gets to you see a world outside of yourself.
  7. Your fear - As I talk about in the Harsh Realities of Life podcast, most of what we fear never happens. Yes, bad things can and will happen but not in the manner that you would expect. Fear is the emotion you get when you expect something bad is going to happen and because it hasn't happened yet, you have this paralyzing emotion built up inside of you as if it has already occurred. You need to train yourself to not fear things. Fear is a real emotion, but most of the time it is unwarranted. You need to train your mind to walk fearlessly into situations your gut tells you to so that you may conquer this fear. You can't always control the bad things that happen, so you might as well not worry about them until they do happen.
  8. You're not educating yourself - If you're not reading at least one book per week you probably shouldn't be my friend. People who do not read or do not educate themselves continually lack basic human desire to improve and understand others. Reading books throws you ahead of the curve and enables you to move forward and get out of situations that may be plaguing your mind. When I get super stressed, sometimes I read, especially on topics that may be related to the emotions I am feeling. Self help is one of the largest genres of literature for a reason. It's because when you read some of that shit you get better. Reading takes your mind off of your current mental state to a place that is productive and doesn't allow you to ruminate.
  9. Allowing others to define who you are - The only times I have been successful was when I listened to myself and not others. I talk about this in many of my podcasts, the fact that you should only take input from a master in the craft for which you are trying to become a master. Basically this means only take advice from people that are more successful than you. I'm not saying you can't learn from other people. I'm saying that if you want to become a daytrader, don't take advice from the night stocker. A highly skilled and wise person rarely volunteers information or tells others what they should be doing. He or she understands that although they may have expertise in a given field, it is the responsibility of the other individual to ask the right questions of them. Successful people or people who desire to succeed ask questions of others they aspire to be like.