What I learned posting content on my personal Facebook page

As you know, I am not a regular user of social media from a personal standpoint. If I am interacting with social media, it is for a business purpose such as paid ad campaigns or content testing that ultimately has an end game goal of turning a profit.

That being said, I do post things on my personal page to incite reactions to see what gets people to respond. This podcast covers the results of my recent social experiment using my "It's Time to be Human Again" video promotion for Social Media Rehab.

Here are the points for this podcast:

  1. Emotionally impactful presentations that do not offend or alienate work - The promo video I made, It's Time to Be Human Again, for Social Media Rehab received a very positive response and shares because people all agree that social media has created social consequences. Some people argued in support of social media saying it "has some good uses", etc. I mean, it doesn't, but that's what they believe and anything people believe they support, regardless of whether it is positive or negative, beneficial or detrimental, true or false.
  2. People are definitely watching, but they don't want to admit they are doing so - If your video receives a lot of views but only a moderate amount of likes, this is because people are ghost watching you. They do not want to submit to the fact that they agree or disagree with your viewpoint, most likely because it will have a social consequence in doing so. The short reason is because they do not want to give power to your idea most likely because they don't want to admit they have a problem and are in fact addicted to social media. The funny thing is that all of this can be tracked and traced, so it you have a "friend" that is a social media dope fiend that lives in some far off part of the world, I can see when their ip address hits my website. Some of them will even deny the fact that they have seen it even when I have physical evidence to support the fact that they did. You can thank high technology for that one! The ironic thing is that the availability of this tracking technology is no different than what these systems are already doing to their users, only their tracking abilities are far more sophisticated and scary.
  3.  People put a lot of time into thinking about how they are going to respond - I saw lots of "this person is typing" various times while the video was posted. It's interesting to see how methodical people were in responding to the post. There are numerous things that are interesting about this. The first thing is that you have somebody on the other end putting a lot of thought and energy into a non-income producing activity that will ultimately suck them into another comment that will usurp even more of their time. It's great to see that people are reacting to my content but it's also hilarious to see them do it. I would rather nobody be on social media at all so I have nothing to talk about, but sense they are I am making this analysis.
  4. The people who should have responded did not - The video deals with social media addiction and unfortunately a great number of people on my friends list are addicts. The funny thing is that every single person who I would categorize as an addict did not react, respond or comment on the video at all but based on the ghost views, I suspect they watched it. After they watched it they most definitely formed an opinion from it, and as I have talked about in the Why Social Media is Destroying Your Life podcast and other podcasts, people will deny you power, likes or whatever because they don't want to submit or acknowledge the truth. As I always talk about in my podcasts, absence of awareness of a law does not mean that it does not exist. Yield back to point #2 that I can actually trace this activity.
  5. Every person who responded to the post I would consider real - Real people will always respond to who you are in an honest way. Regardless of what I think about someone, I will never deny them credit for being real. I talked about this in The Harsh Reality of Life podcast that if there is an artist and I don't like their music, I'm not going to deny them credit for being an amazing performer if they are in fact an amazing performer. This is what it means to be real. Fake people will agree with you about a situation to your face and have an alternative viewpoint behind closed doors. You don't want to be like that. I would rather a social media addict respond to my post and say what they believe as opposed to not say anything and then pretend like they weren't impacted by what I said. If you viewed my video but did not respond to it, this means you are listening but you are not submitting or acknowledging because you don't want to give power to a thought when you should.
  6. People you sometimes don't expect respond deeply to who you are - It's always cool to see when you impact and inspire someone in a manner that you never would have imagined. On previous videos I have posted, like the 14 things I have learned being 33, I received a lot of feedback from people I never expected from across all cultures. This is why it's so important to really think through and articulate what you believe, because if it is real and true, you may receive an amazing response from it.
  7. I received friend requests from people I do not know - This is always a strong indicator that your content is resonating. When people seek you out you are attracting. When people unfriend you, you are repelling. Both can be positive and negative. The overall goal should be to attract people who are like minded and shed those who are not, so it's actually a great thing if either one of those happens.
  8. If you put your best foot forth, produce the most impactful content you can, you will get the result you are looking for in your heart - I have a philosophy that if anything I create leaves my desk, I am satisfied if it leaves my desk. This means that I would watch it, listen to it and consume it if it wasn't me. Your real fans don't care about perfect recordings or perfect lighting in your videos. They care about you being real. You need to keep that in mind and avoid the temptation to overanalyze what you are doing. This overanalyzation and perfection driven attitude prevents you from putting out content that will ultimately result in the greatness you are looking to achieve.
  9. Sometimes even when people like it they will try to find the flaws - I had several people mention that my post "gave them chills" or made them "not look at their cell phone anymore while their children were trying to interact with them".  BUT even some people that had these reactions and acknowledged that my work made them change their behavior, they still had something to say. "You could have done this and that to make it more this and that". Although their feedback may be entirely accurate, it doesn't matter because if you got a reaction out of someone your art worked.
  10. There are exceptions to the rule - Some people just don't respond or react for whatever reason. They didn't see it when it went up, maybe they didn't know what to say, whatever. This has happened to me with a lot of people. They might even text me or when I talk to them they will give me feedback on the video. Whatever the case there are always exceptions to the rule.

In closing, I am not taking stabs at anyone who is addicted to social media. Everyone knows how I feel about it. This is merely an analysis of what I learned.