The Harsh Realities of Life

I put content into the atmosphere because it's what I want to do. I know only a small fraction of what I say is being listened to. This is life in general. Most people do not give a shit about what you are saying or doing.

This is why we create products and brands. We are creating a shell that puts our best foot forward so that people will accept us for what we are not. The Harsh Reality of Life is that it's not going to go the way you plan it or see it and you are going to have to fight tooth and nail constantly to survive in this world, especially if you are an entrepreneur.

That being said here is my list of points on the Harsh realities of life:

  1. Most of life is mundane interspersed with spikes of excitement - You can certainly be a dopamine chaser or an endless world traveler, but even when you do that there is going to be some uneventful moments. Sometimes the company you keep is not always as interesting or deep as you would like and when this happens the mundane starts to creep in. This happens in my life. While I have done many exciting things, every moment of everyday is not going to be filled with total abject excitement.
  2. Most of what you do is not going to work - This is similar to point #1. If you are selling a product, even if it is a hit, you will have to update it or come out with a second version. In music if you have one hit song it might carry you for a while but People are extremely fickle and don't commit to anything. If you're It is human nature to conserve energy and take the path of least resistence. That's totally understandable. This is why social media is so successful at tying people into the digital plantation. People don't want to work but they want rewards for doing so. 
  3. Most of what you fear never happens - Fear is the greatest self-defeating emotion one can have. Most people are totally incapacitated by this emotion even when it is totally unfounded. Caves may be dark but the likelihood that you're going to run into a Wolley mammoth in there is next to none.
  4. Sometimes people who least deserve it get rewarded - In the Rise of the Fake Artist you see this happen a lot. Although I see it for what it is, you have to look at the whole point objectively. If someone puts out a product that resonates with the marketplace or sells a product people are interested in, good for them. I would do the same thing and sell it.
  5. You're going to get fucked by someone you trust at least once in your life - I say once even though this has happened to me many times. I had my best friend steal my credit card and lie about it. I slept with a girl that had an STD and she didn't tell me (luckily I didn't get it). I asked her what her status was and she said she was clean! Liar! 
  6. Karma is a myth - I talk about this in the Stupid Myths People Perpetuate To Make Themselves Feel Better Podcast, the fact that "Karma" as most people believe it is a myth. Bad people do bad stuff all the time and it never comes back to them. Good people do great things all the time and it never comes back to them. 
  7. Squeaky wheel gets the grease - It doesn't always matter how good you are in a given field or at a task. If you are the one who is there when people come calling, most of the time you will get picked, especially if you're the only one that shows up. This is why sales is so important. If you're not constantly in people's faces about what you're saying and doing, don't expect to be remembered. Sometimes the whiney kid in class is the one that gets the most attention because they "need it". 
  8. Life does not get easier - Some older people tell me that life gets easier. My mom tells me this all the time. I don't believe it does at all. What happens with life is that your ability to cope becomes stronger as things get harder. When some people's health fails, they become resilient. This is especially true of the old ass people who keep their same routines only it takes them longer and it is harder. This is a perfect example. 
  9. Assholes don't always finish first - People are so caught up in their emotions and own sensitivity that they naturally want to be babied. While some women for example might respond to an Alpha Male with a cocky attitude, this has nothing to do with her liking him as a person but her submitting to his dominance. People who are not strong willed or non confrontational will passively submit to assholes or stroke their egos as a means of disarmarment, not because they agree with them. It doesn't matter how rich, powerful or smart you are. Most people will not work with people who are assholes or listen to what they're saying.

    ***Side note***- I've even noticed this in my Dating App Makeover course or even my podcast. Some people have commented that I come across sounding harsh like I am screaming at my audience. They are right. While that is a separate issue, that is less about me trying to please people as much as it is about me participating in a therapy session, I totally get what they're saying. If I am making The Dating App Makeover course and I don't come to the chalkboard with a pixie fairy, light and sensitive persona, women could potentially be turned off by it and therefore tune it out. Again, this is the difference between Art and Product. When you make Art, it is in a rough phase. Product establishes a demand for your art that can and should be further refined to suit market demand. 

    Lastly, I know lots of artists who have screwed themselves because they are incredibly talented but extremely difficult to work with. At the end of the day if you have 100 great artists and an agency is going to represent them for example, they are going to choose the ones that are easiest to work with. That being said, focus on becoming easy to work with and you will improve your odds of success regardless of your skill level. 
  10. Sometimes shit happens when you least expect it - I remember one time the sewage pipe burst under a rental house I owed that was used for Air Bnb while I was out of town and there were guests in it. It flooded the house. After that, the plumbers didn't fix the root issue, which was the busted pipe. Turns out the foundation shifted and broke the cast iron pipe right in two. Then I got a pneumonia and broke up with my girlfriend while I was simultanoesly performing a stupid amount of shows. 1 week into my 6 month recovery from the pneumonia I had to dig a 5 foot long trench under the house so the plumbers could access the broken pipe because my shitty friend that I was paying said he didn't want to dig the hole because he didn't want to hurt his hands (and I'm the one that gets all the pussy and plays guitar). Then he proceeded to tell me as I dug the pipe that I had "amazing karmic luck" because my life was so great. I had to laugh, but I didn't have time, so I just paid him for doing the little work he did and told him I didn't need him any longer that day. It was all a pain in the ass and I didn't expect it, but I rose to the occassion. Despite this story, that is not even the best one I can think of because the most traumatizing ones have probably been blocked out of my mind, like the time I went to ICU for 4 days and had to convince the surgeon to let me leave so I could go to my sister's wedding. 
  11. Sometimes the people who should love your most don't - If I were to make this an extremely vague situation I would say that I have met strangers that I only knew for 10 minutes that had more love and appreciation for me that people who have known me all my life. Then these people that have known me all this time expect me to give them obligatory attention because they have known me or think they know me for a long period of time. WRONG. I don't know why this happens, but I think it is mostly because most people are unconcious and they never make an attempt to elevate their conciousness. When you are uncioncious you are always thinking about how other people should act instead of analyzing why the act the way that they do. I might say I don't like a person or a person's behavior, for example the Fake Artist or Fake Guru, but I have made an attempt to analyze their behavior. This is a concious effort. 
  12. Money and power change people's behavior towards you - Wear an expensive watch and people think you are rich. Play an instrument well and you project power. I once had a gal I used to know call me out of the blue because she found out I won a Grammy. She was a shallow person that was spurred into action because of an inanimate object that projects power like I talk about in The Power of the Brand video. If you drive an exotic car, this object now makes you unique relative to the rest of the population. The car projects power and people are attracted to objects that project power. Duh. 
  13. If you are saying or doing something profound, there will be blowback - I've done things all over the course of my life that were new or different and always received blowback for it. Anything that goes against status quo or the existing order is going to be attacked. I talk about this when I speak of the Tribe. When you are strong people will try to kill you, if you are weak, people will try to kill you. 
  14. People will try to sabatoge what you are doing if it's working - I've been denied a lot of opportunities and people have tried to slight me when they know I've got the right stuff. I had a guy one time start taking shots at me for no reason, attacking my artistry because quite frankly he was a little envious that I was able to command an audience with my guitar. He thought that me winning awards and shit was a coincidence and that I was somehow using that to bolster my image. Nope. I can really get up there and do what I say and therefore that makes me a master worthy of praise. Because he was a socalled poo-bah in the music scene he thought he was the authority in validating people's abilities. That is a joke in itself. If I as a performer see another performer impressing his audience, I don't care what I think of him personally, I will never deny him that credit. Sadly many people do and they will even exert their own energy they should be using for their own self improvement to attack others. Unfortunately for them, this is what a Petty Person does, like I talk about in the How to Spot a Petty Person podcast. They foolishly go to war with a general. 
  15. Most people's love for you is conditional - I never claim to love people, because they provide some sort of value to me. The Harsh Reality of Life is that most people do. Once you have outlived your usefulness, people disappear. If you're a purchasing agent for a major corporation and you leave the company and take on another role somewhere else, all of your Christmas cards disappear. You are no longer useful to the Salesmen that so eagerly cared about you before. Now that they can't make money off you being an insider in that company, you are no longer useful to them and thus they disappear. This happens to me all the time with females. They are so in love with who I am and impressed with my vision and accomplishments only to disappear when I don't give them what they want which is me. It's a sad and Harsh Reality of Life, but it's true. Most of the population is uncioncious and in a constant state of Dopamine chasing, especially with the advent of social media. So, if you're not providing any dopamine hits, you're not going to get any "likes" in the real world. 
  16. Prince charming does not always come back and the princess could turn out to be a tramp - I love Elon Musk because he has huge ideas but he doesn't ignore the realities of them for the sake of fantasy. This is what a smart person does. This is what a smart business person does. He doesn't just build a rocket saying he's going to fly it to Mars. He had to crash 2 or 3 of them before he got it right.

    As it relates to me, for example, I get a kick out of good looking females I pick up that think because of their beauty they are entitled to a certain level of attention from me or any other man. The reality is that beautiful women with no unique skills are disposable and replaceable. Sometimes these gals get all excited and build this fairtale scenario in their mind of how they want it to be, but the reality is that a real prince or king is out doing king shit which usually consists of annexing more territory for the family name first. Unless you possess a unique skill that can help him do that, you're not distingushing yourself as an indespensible resource.

    On the flipside, a low or no value male that luckily snagged an above average female is kidding himself if he thinks he is going to keep that woman by loving her alone. Not true at all. If another stronger male comes along with something she wants, she could potentially turn into a tramp. I've seen lots of situations, some of them involving me, where women go totally out of character relative to what people know or percieve them as because a strong male hit the tramp trigger in their heart. It's a crazy phenomena but it's really not because it's just human nature. It's up to you as a concious human if you are going to let your instinctive impulses drive your behavior as it relates to this. Look at the reality of the situation. If you're a gal and you lust for the king's attention assess yourself first to see if you could even bring value to his situation. If you're a dude, what is it that you are doing for that female that she can't find anywhere else? Back to the Unique Skill. I invented the term and will continue to peddle it. 
  17. Sometimes you have to do unpleasant things for the greater good - This is also known as Machiavellianism or the Ends Justify the Means. I don't agree with all ways this philosophy is implemented, but there is a lot of truth to it. What I say is not always pleasant to hear for people, but it needs to be said. Staying silent about important issues does not evolve the population. If a dog contracts rabies or whatever else - disease, sometimes the most humane thing to do is put him down because of his suffering. This could also be as simple as a manager firing a single parent with 3 children who shows up to work stoned, underperforms at their job and complains all the time. Should the entire ship go down because we have to protect people's feelings? Should an entire ship of good people go down because there are a few people on there that made bad choices and refuse to correct them? No it shouldn't. It's extremely empathetic to make these Harsh Reality decisions for the greater good. 

    This concept can be perfectly applied to the Illegal Immigration situation. People have all these opinions on what we should be doing and make all this noise about the issue while ignoring the reality that The United States specifically is being systemically overloaded by 2nd and 3rd world populations that do not care about our existing order, laws and culture. 

    This is especially true as it relates to people who have no connection to these nations, yet they pretend to know and understand their plight. For example, Millenial children of hispanic descent that do not speak Spanish and have never been to Mexico do not understand the order that exists there, nor would they live there if given the choice between living there and renoucning their United States citizenship and never being allowed to return. 

    In my opinion, unless people are prepared to make that type of decision for themselves, they shouldn't be projecting those beliefs. Because if you believe it, you need to really believe it and not be half hearted about it.