Why you should be terrified of the illegal immigration situation

I have been wanting to do a podcast on illegal immigration as it pertains to the United States for a long time. This issue is actually very simple to understand but people try to make it complicated mostly because they don't understand what's happening.

That being said, this podcast addresses Why you should be terrified of the illegal immigration situation both illegal and legal.

  1. A staggering number of crimes are being committed by illegal immigrants - It doesn't matter where you come from, it's not okay to rape, murder, rob or harm another individual for any reason. Where you put a person on the planet doesn't always change their mentality. If they did something bad in their home country, coming to The United States may only exacerbate the problem. It's a pretty simple equation that illegal immigrants take advantage of often, coming here gives criminals access to more targets and therefore they commit crimes.
  2. Our legal system is protecting hardcore criminals - We always hear that the border patrol pulled over some immigrant lady and forced her out of her car, but we don't hear about the fact that she had a two bricks of cocaine in her trunk. This is because the narrative in the mainstream media is that if you have any problem with any person of color or origin you are racist. It doesn't matter if they are committing a crime or not. No other country protects it's non-citizens better than The United States. We even have non-governmental organizations like the ACLU that come in and fight on their behalf.
  3. Taxes are not being collected - Yes, there are immigrants that are paying income, tax but most of the illegal ones are not. All transactions are in cash and even if they have a bank account they want to be paid in cash for services. While their contributions to the economy by way of goods and services certainly adds revenue to the sales tax base, the amount of services these populations use far outweighs what they are purchasing. Schools are completely full, infrastructure can't be built fast enough to support the influx of new populations coming to the United States.
  4. Billions of taxpayer dollars are being used to provide for illegal immigrants over American citizens - People can say whatever they want about the issue, the fact is that the financial resources we are spending to support the illegal immigrant population in our United States far outweighs the benefit that they supposedly provide. All of the statistics support it. Where I live in Dallas, Texas a report came out over a decade ago that documented over $160 million a year was spent on healthcare for illegal aliens and illegal alien births. So the statistics are showing that our policy towards illegal immigration is costing law abiding American citizens ridiculous sums of money.
  5. Illegal aliens are given in state tuition while American citizens are not - If an illegal alien decides they want to attend any university in the state of Texas, they are given in-state tuition rates. This means if you are an American citizen living in ANY state in the union, you will pay MORE money than someone who is not even a citizen of our country. That in itself is horrifying.
  6. Illegal aliens are not respecting the culture we are expected to respect when we visit their country - When I lived in Mexico, I spoke Spanish. I was not catered to because it was not my first language. I wasn't given a menu in English deep in Mexico or given a form that explained my rights under the law in English when I was detained by the police. Everything was done in their language because it is THEIR COUNTRY. While there are Latin American countries that cater to the English language, it's only because tourists are going there and spending money. In America we have what amounts to a hostile invasion occurring and we are basically being expected to provide blankets and ammunition to the enemy force that is trying to kill us.
  7. I have never met a 1st generation child of an immigrant that didn't feel entitled - I really wish I could say that there is a whole population of children of illegal immigrants running around that are now card carrying American citizens and appreciate it, but there are not. Whether legal or illegal, regardless of nationality, I have never met the child of an immigrant that appreciated how lucky they are to be in the country. It's because they don't know what it's like to struggle. I know American Mexican or Fake Mexicans that carry the Mexico flag and pretend to know the plight of that country, who vote for all the issues that are hurting our country, and parade the narco culture because they think gangsterism is admirable. I know children of Indian immigrants that break all sorts of laws running half legitimate businesses while at the same time running criminal side hustles because they know they won't get caught.
  8. Absence of awareness of our laws are causing real problems - I once saw a Latino man washing off his paintbrush into the storm drain that fed directly into our lake. Because they do that in his country, he thinks it's okay in ours. It's not, it's against the law. It's called, You're not allowed to put a toxic substance into the drinking water supply. Fortunately I flagged down a cop and he went and wrote the man a citation, but he didn't think that was wrong because of his cultural upbringing. On the note of disposal of waste alone I could go on for days about the things I have seen illegal immigrants throw away in the trash or do that is incredibly harmful to our environment.
  9. People sympathetic to immigrants are trying to change the rules and our constitution - This is the scariest part of all. You have people coming from other countries that should not even be here and then they try to change our laws and culture to fit theirs. Islam is a prime example. There is a whole segment of the Islamic population that believes we should live our lives under Sharia law. There are entire populations of immigrants and citizens that want us to be a gunless population, despite the fact that the irrefutable statistics display private ownership of firearms decreases crime rates across the board.
  10. Illegal immigrants are now allowed to join our military - You basically have an entire force of people not loyal to our country and culture part of our military. This is scary for a variety of reasons. The first reason is because I knew one of these illegal aliens who was in the military and when he got out he raped a woman. He was not deported. On top of that you now have a whole segment of the illegal alien population with sophisticated military training that could for example go back to their country and use it within a paramilitary criminal organization like a drug cartel. We even bring troops to our country from other countries and train them how to fight problems in their country. Instead of using that training for law abiding purposes, they utilize it for criminal purposes.
  11. If you have a problem or object to what is clearly wrong in any way you are branded racist or xenophobic - This is known as Ad hominem. This is a political tactic developed a long time ago in which you attack the attacker instead of the issue itself in an attempt to discredit them. The lower intelligence and uninformed members of the population respond well to this philosophy, because it allows them to simplify something complicated and put a name on it so they can have resolution in their own mind because their fantasy conflicts with reality. You see it all over social media. I see it in my daily life, which is why I don't talk about in depth issues with the unannointed because they don't have the mental capacity or experience to bring value to a conversation on the topic.

  12. Americans are adopting this mentality – The scariest thing about this situation is that Americans from all races and walks of life are putting all illegal immigrants into the same category and viciously opposing anyone who believes otherwise. Not only does it hurt the immigrants that are here but it hurts all Americans because of their lack of education in this area. It is never about the immigrants both illegal or legal, it’s about which ones and the volume that are coming here that our system can not sustain.

  13. It is not sustainable.