How to spot a petty person

We all deal with petty people. I know how to clearly identify and deal with them, but you may not be able to. That being said, I have created a list so that you can understand.

  1. They post on social media - If you patronize my content, you know that social media is not doing anything positive for your life and if you use those systems you are on the same level as a crack fiend. Regardless of this fact, there are some people that believe these systems are benefiting them and they are usually petty.
  2. They deny your opportunities or attention - You could be the best option on the block or the shiniest toy in the sandbox and if you are, they don't like that. It doesn't matter if you're a winner who takes nothing personal and puts points on the board. You could even be the tide that raises all ships. It doesn't matter, they don't want you to have that credit, for whatever reason.
  3. They make excuses - There is no excuse to make an excuse. An excuse is a childlike behavior that attempts to divert attention away from your failures to that of another person or reason. It is basically a denial of responsibility. Saying a family member has cancer or anything under the sun while tragic at is root is an excuse. For every 3 people who make excuses for why they can't do something there is one person in a worse situation than you that does not make an excuse.
  4. They inject personal banter in business communications - This includes making excuses, talking about how hard their life is, personal problems or any other . Whatever it is, it is proof that they are petty.
  5. They use condescension in their communication - Anyone at the executive level or who handles themselves professionally should only communicate in a business manner. A petty person will chide at others for little slipups or mistakes in an attempt to elevate themselves. For example if you forgot to attach a document to an email they might say "oh by the way you might want to attach the document next time" or if an executive asks a specific question a petty person might respond "it's in page two of the document I already sent you". An executive doesn't have time to read, that's why he's asking. A petty person doesn't take the time to understand the situations of others or others that are at a higher level than they are.
  6. They most likely work a 9-5 job - While it's not bad to work a "day job", people who are petty almost always do. The business world is too cutthroat and dominated by winners that approaching life with a petty attitude will only get you crushed. Thank god! Because of this you most likely see petty people working for other people or in 9-5 situations.
  7. They take everything personal and make everything personal - They typically try to attach an ulterior motive to every statement you make and turn non issues into issues for themselves so they can tell you how bad their life is or whatever problem or narrative that makes them feel better.
  8. They complain - People who complain and make excuses are always petty. There is a difference between voicing a concern or expressing displeasure with a situation and not taking action to make a change. Complaining and excuses are both wastes of time and energy that could be spent doing something beneficial. Chances are, the momentum of doing those things will stop you from complaining anyways.
  9. They never take action - This ties into complaining and excuses. Posting on social media is not an action, but people think it is. Action is when you take a stand and then work on that mission or goal until it is complete. So if you have a problem with racism and are not smart enough to realize you can't stop or change people's mind frame as it relates to a genetically predisposed perception ingrained within us as tribal animals you will complain about it. A real actionable response to inequality would be to identify where it's happening in your sphere of influence and take an action to end that particular event or policy locally. People won't even do that. People have all these issues about the government but never vote or even call or write their congressman. That's because they are petty.
  10. They foolishly think they can go to war with a general - In my podcast Why People Commit Evil, I talk about people committing heinous acts because they think they are bigger than they are. They have what are called delusions of grandeur. This is a petty person's attempt to win the game that they do not want to spend the time learning how to play. This sometimes leads to people taking actions that clearly display their smallness. Instead of just being a cockroach and scurrying across the floor in the dead of night while the master sleeps, they foolishly turn on the light and expose themselves to the waiting steel toed boot that quickly brings them to their demise.
  11. They try to screenshot or sabotage you - This is another form of people thinking social media makes a difference. Screenshotting someone or trying to frame them for looking a certain type of way is a petty behavior. It may create a one time media event, but that's all it will do and at the end, all it does is ruin the petty person's life and empower the general's. The General always knows how to turn situations on its head and the petty person does not. This is why they are petty. Not only is this unsustainable and sometimes entirely ineffective, the general may in fact take note and crush you at a later date.
  12. They never acknowledge their mistakes - A truly great leader recognizes and publicizes his infallibilities. He understand that failure is a seminal step in the process of success. A petty person is infallible and never makes mistakes. If he or she does, it is always as a result of something somebody else did.