How to Blaze Past the Bullshit

I could write endless blog posts about the who and the what that pisses me off. Honestly, I don't have enough time and even if I did, I wouldn't want to read or listen to it. That's why I'm not on Social Media and if you are, you need to read this article it's because you have not yet learned to Blaze Past the Bullshit.

That being said, I am going to share how I Blaze Past the Bullshit. Here goes:

  1. I understand the finality of time - In my 14 Things a Real Artist does podcast, I talk about the finality of time. We only have so much of it and out of that time, only a fraction of it will provide the optimal level of critical thinking and focus necessary to produce something worthwhile. That being said what you find important will blaze past all the bullshit of what is not important. Things that initially bothered me (even things I have written about on this website) may no longer bother me. Pursuits I once had I may no longer want to pursue out of priority for something else. Whatever the case, I understand that my time is valuable and I don't want to waste it on bullshit I can blaze past.
  2. I understand the law of numbers - I don't hold any person, situation or anything for that matter in enough esteem to be married to it. I understand that there will always be a new opportunity out there when you spend everyday hustling. This is why although I may write about females ghosting or small type situations, I don't dwell on them, especially after I have already addressed them. I know that I have bigger fish to fry and that I'm never going to get involved in a deal or situation that could be beneficial if I'm worrying about all the ones that don't work out.
  3. I understand the power of being real - When you tell the truth, you don't have to keep up with your lies. But people like to lie, deceive and throw filters on who they are so they are not rejected by the tribe. I know that being fake is a fundamental human condition which is why being real can be such a valuable character trait.
  4. I take risks and I'm not afraid to lose or fail - Like I talk about in fanmail podcast 1, I know how to fail, that's why I succeed. I even mention that I don't do it with style and grace. I am a master of the blowout fail. The embarrassing fail. The make you want to quit type of fail. BUT...there is always a BUT these fails have built a callous around who I am. It has hardened my shell and ultimately allowed me to stand in a league of my own because I am not afraid to fail.
  5. I am direct with people - Similar to understanding the power of being real. As I high value male, if I ghost you, it's because I don't have time. But if I do, I will tell you exactly why it didn't work so that we can both move on and become better people in the process. I don't like beating around the bush because it doesn't help anyone.
  6. I don't tolerate negativity - I discuss a lot of this in the How a High Value Male Operates podcast. The fact that we don't tolerate negativity and it's true. I don't entertain negativity or have anyone on my team that acts in a negative fashion. Complainers, excuse makers and anything else. They all have to go.
  7. I let go and move on - I don't hold on to girls that don't want me around, I don't hold on to people that don't treat me how I should be treated, I don't let past versions of myself keep me from evolving. While nostalgia can be an important form of reflection for your progress, I don't spend all my moments with high school friends so to speak. I understand that in order to go I need to let go of past situations to get to new ones.
  8. I don't forget and I write things down so I don't. - I don't forget people and situations that have been both positive and negative in my life, so that I remember to not revisit certain experiences which created a setback for me. I also don't forget people that my have helped me or expressed an interest in working together but for some reason we just weren't able to sync up at that particular time
  9. I know that you can't take on everything - The Manicotti brand is a perfect example of taking everything on. I'm doing blogs, music, podcasts. All of this stuff is part of my process to be the greatest version of myself that I can. My website has been critical in holding me accountable to that. Can you imagine if I took on more? It's possible, but before I do I will need to automate more because I can't do it all.
  10. I try to delegate the menial - There is lots of stuff you shouldn't be doing. The busier you get and the more money you make the more you will realize what that is. When you do, delegate it. I find a way to outsource those tasks so that I can move on to more important things. I try to find people that are better than me at a given task as well. I utilize their mastery and unique skills to get done what I need done and I don't try to learn it myself. I could have spent weeks or months replacing the siding on my house, but that's not my expertise and it was better for me to spend the money paying an expert so I could write posts like this.
  11. I don't get sucked into other people's drama - There are a significant amount of people that want to dump their drama on you once you make them comfortable. The second I sense that happening, I either establish boundaries or cut them lose. This speaks to the point on negativity. It sounds harsh, but it's really not. People have done this same thing with me in the past. They trained me to change my mind frame and what type of behavior they would expect out of me in order to deal with them. Once I learned this I complied and it wasn't so bad because it actually made me a better person.
  12. I stay true to the process and trim the fat as I go - When you create, you know what will eventually outlive its usefulness and where you're going to need to thin the herd or trim the fat. But you have to go through the process before you do that. The more you do it the more things will
  13. I understand that perfection is a death wish - If you look at my website and content there are a shitload of spelling, grammatical errors and overall ways things could be improved. But it's still good enough to get my point across. If you can't understand that I'm not perfect then you're missing the point of my whole pursuit. This is all part of the process. The thing about perfection is that it is a huge time waster. Not only is it a time waster but it's going to prevent you from getting to every issue that you need to address in your lifetime. I have made this mistake far too much in my life. From songs to business endeavors, whatever. What I learned over time is that as long as it is good enough to get it done and get the point across then it's good enough. In other words I remove perfection from the equation because I know it's a death wish.
  14. Whatever happens, I just keep moving - There are all kinds of famous sayings on this. No matter how fast or how slow, just keep moving!! Sharks that don't keep swimming die!! You know how all that goes, but it's true! Today for example I was hung over and uninspired to write this or any other podcast material...but I had to keep moving. So I went and rode 13 miles on my fixed gear bike and here I am writing because I kept moving.
  15. I forgive - I'm sure there are lots of people that feel they are owed an apology for something I did to them. On the flipside there are lots of people that owe me an apology as well. It's human nature to fuck up and then ball up and pretend like nothing happened. But if I do something that has hurt someone, I eventually crawl out of my hole and apologize for the errors in my ways, if I did in fact hurt them. If I didn't and they believe I did, I will clarify why I felt that way but some people hold grudges because they are lesser evolved than you and there is really nothing you can do to change their mind. You just have to agree to disagree and respect each other's space. I have lots of stories about people that have committed unforgiveable offenses against me, that I forgave anyways because I could tell they were genuinely apologetic about their actions. I guess the bottom line is that I try to forgive people and just move on.
  16. I don't use social media for anything other than business - Y'all know this from my How Social Media is Destroying Your Life podcast. Social media really has no purpose other than to sell shit and distract people. So if you're not selling something to someone, you're being distracted by someone trying to sell something to you. It is a form of media you need to blaze past to focus on what you are trying to do whatever that may be. If the average human spent the 1 hour a day they use posting banter on social media and read books, we'd have a much more productive and educated society. I won't even say it's sad. It's just true and you know it. That being said, get off all social media and focus on what you're supposed to be doing.