Fanmail Podcast #1

The fanmail podcast is where I answer questions that friends and fans have. In this podcast, I address how to improve with women and some of the different criteria women consider when choosing a mate. 

What you're going to get out of this podcast:

  • Understanding what your "unique skill" is
  • Being out in the field playing the game and actively interacting with women and all people in real life to improve your social skills
  • Not letting failure stop you from continuing to get out and play the game to ultimately win
  • Different stories and failures I've had interacting with women
  • How my failures have outnumbered my successes and what they taught me about how to improve my results
  • How to not get discouraged when you fail and just look at it as part of the overall process
  • If you're interested in other content, check out some of my podcasts similar to this, you can look at the dating tag for my podcasts.

Do you have questions for me that you would like addressed in the fanmail podcast? Send me an email with your question and maybe I can address it.