Why Social Media is Destroying Your Life

In this podcast, Michael Manicotti discusses how social media is destroying your life and why you should not be using it for personal purposes. 

Social media consumption has become an epidemic that is negatively effecting the lives of every human that submits to these systems. We are basically providing free content to a platform for them to use against us for the sake of profit. While making money is not bad in itself, these platforms destroy our inner world by constantly subjecting ourselves to fragmented thought patterns that detract us from creating meaningful work.

Content covered:

  • It makes yourself accessible and available to people who should not have access to your time. 
  • It builds a massive dependence and addiction that relies on constant dopamine hits to function
  • People's desire to be known, famous, or infamous instead of becoming a master worthy of praise
  • It sets the grounds for false comparisons (people who are posting are not even living the lives they are supposedly living
  • Mis interpretation and false narratives built by others because of half truths and external commentary and influence.
  • It creates a dossier of content for the future thought criminal system being put into place by the establishment to eventually punish you for thought crime
  • Subjecting yourself to the beck and call
  • Dampers your creative spirit by forcing you to exert mental energy on non beneficial commentary, tasks, etc. 
  • People who create most of this meme content are not making any money, they crave attention


  • Girls that get their feelings hurt when comments are taken out of context or misread. 
  • The creep phenomena
  • Fake friends, the happy birthday people, people who never interact with your content, people silently making a tally against you and do not speak power to your adventures and influence.

Benefits and takeaways:

  • Allows you to have tremendous power at your fingertips to market to people who lack self control and crave purpose, meaning, salvation and dopamine hits. 
  • That's about it!