Why the Facebook Data Breach is not going to hurt them in the long term

Social media is a drug. It's no different than heroin or Nicotine. For the same reason a smart person like me would drink or smoke is the same reason why smart people like you are addicted to social media. Because it's an addiction

You've heard me talk about this in my podcast on Why Social Media is Destroying your Life. 

Because of that reason, anything that these major corporations do with your data is going to fall on deaf ears to people using their platforms. They simply don't care because they are addicted. They are no different than a crack head pulling copper pipes out a house to fund his addiction. You just need those likes. Drug addicts don't care about consequences. They care about getting high that's it

Anyways, that being said, here are the reasons why the Facebook data breach is not going to hurt the company in the long term. I could say that I hope I'm wrong, but just like anything else, people don't want to work. They want someone to provide that solution for the void they have. Facebook has done just that.

Today's points:

  1. Your data and privacy was breached the second you signed up for social media and nobody cares - These companies do not give a shit about you. Their goal is to create a digital plantation to extract dollars out of you. They do this by getting you to give them free content in exchange for dopamine hits. You willingly do this and they reward you non-monetarily by serving you with praise or reactions from your fellow drug addicts. The thing is that they are not loyal to you. The second you signed up you bought into their terms. 
  2. You have already been conditioned - You're already tied into the grid. Because you're already tied into the grid, you are not worried about what you disclose to this grid. You have sold yourself on the idea that this system is helping you because there has been no consequences to your participation YET. As mentioned in previous content, these systems are building a digital dossier on you no different than a criminal file. Consider it a Thought Criminal file. It is or will be used by advertisers and government entities to assess you either now or in the future. They want to know how much you can make them or how much of a threat you could pose to their existing order. They will use your information for that purpose and that purpose only. You don't care because you are already conditioned. 
  3. Social media gives people the perception they are making a difference - Liking, commenting, posting political banter, all of these things give people the illusion that they are making a real difference. You're not. Instead of becoming a master worthy of praise, people would rather spend their time arguing with people on the internet about artificial issues because it gives them purpose. It makes them feel like they are doing something. But like I always say, absence of awareness of a law does not mean it does not exist. So basically the law is that social media is doing nothing positive for your life at all. That is an immutable law. You however believe that it is, which is why data breaches or anything else is never going to get you out of the system. You're addicted, remember
  4. Social media capitalizes on the basic human need to belong and elevate themselves above other human beings - Why exactly do you need to show a picture of you, your husband and your 4 kids to 2,985 people you don't really know? It's because you want to show them that you are a big happy family and have all of the things that make you look successful in life to other Americans. Same thing with the gals posting pictures of themselves jumping in the air in Tulum, or any beach in the world for that matter. They want to tell the world "hey look at me, I am better than you because I am here and you are not". Them posting that picture attempts to rob your self confidence and give it to themselves through the use of false narrative. In other words, they want to elevate themselves above you. Your likes and comments are validation of their existence and makes you feel like you belong. 
  5. They make money - Facebook is a brilliant marketing platform. You can literally say whatever you want to exactly the right people who will buy whatever it is you are selling and it works.  This is why the Fake Gurus have been so successful pedaling their bullshit ideals of getting you to pay money to find Sasquatch. There is a subset of people willing pay for these "products" because it capitalizes on a fundamental human desire to have the answers, make money and be successful without exerting effort. It doesn't really matter if it's fake or not. People buy it and because of that they continue to purchase ads on social media to fill their sales funnel, this making these platforms alot of money for providing access to these coveted dope fiends. Same can be said about real products as well. Facebook has all of the data on people that allows advertisers to be more effective with their marketing dollars. They no longer have to appeal to the masses and buy full page ads in the newspaper that may or may not work. They can now buy full page ads in the paper that only serves the audience looking for their products. Targeted advertising is the future. You will only get an ad in a product that interests you. Because they hold the information, they hold the key and because they hold the key, they will for the forseeable future make a shit ton of money because of their monopoly on people's attention by owning all the platforms. 
  6. They have a visionary leader - At the root, I don't think it was ever Facebook's intention to be sinister. The nature of human nature makes it sinister. At the end of the day, they are just providing a platform for people to say and do what is already in their nature, so it's not really their fault. I do think that Mark Zuckerburg is sorry for this data breach and I do think the believes he's doing the right thing for humanity by continuing to develop the Facebook platform. Just because I disagree with these platforms doesn't negate their value or use. I think they're great for marketing if you use them for that purpose. If you base your self worth on how many likes you receive then probably not. That's not for me to decide though. All I can tell you is that Mark Zuckerburg is without a doubt a visionary leader and when you have one of those leading a company, they rarely fail. He doesn't care about money, he already has it all and still doesn't live lavishly like many other wealthy individuals do. That's kind of interesting in itself, because he even understands that material or Psychological distractions such as figuring out what you're going to wear everyday waste valuable time that could be spent critical thinking. 

Those are all my points on this issue for now, however there are a few caveats to this:

  • I do believe Facebook knows more about people and human nature than even the best scientists do because they have the data. I'd be curious to see what picture that is painting in the boardroom or as Zuckerburg is looking at it from his office as the only person with the ultimate knowledge on what exactly this system is doing.