Why People Commit Evil

All evil is the same in the eyes of the lord. I don't think the bible said that but it should.  I never understood that more than when I do now and I'm not even religious. Basically what this means is that while there are varying degrees of evil, for example killing someone vs. just punching them, they are essentially both are you not doing what you're supposed to be doing. 

This is why I decided to write this post so you can contextualize why people commit the acts they commit. So you can understand and be able to recognize it. 

  1. People who were abused when they were children - There are a substantial number of people who were violently or mentally abused when they were children. This is the result of many things such as sexual abuse, exposure to adult situations and events prior to them having context or understanding. 
  2. People who were taught the wrong beliefs - There are a certain set of rules and universal beliefs that are not up for debate. We all agree that children need to be nurtured, we all agree the sky is blue and we all agree that people need love an attention to properly develop. The things that are up for interpretation are things such as children who are taught to hate other people for whatever reason, whack religious beliefs based on false prophets, the "fuck everyone" or any means necessary mentality or ends justify the means mentality that isolates actions and accountability. This could mean they unknowingly do things that they are wrong because their belief systems were not properly established by a balanced individual. 
  3. Overuse and improper contextual use of mind altering substances- Drugs, alcohol and sex when not used for the proper context can open an individual up for spiritual attack that is a result of imbalance. As I discuss the phenomena of the angel and devil living within each of us, people must understand that when we feed one side more than the other it sets us up for spiritual attack and these attacks can cause us to commit evil. 
  4. People lack power in their own lives or improper diagonosis of injustice - When people have flawed belief systems, they sometimes commit evil acts and justify them based on a flawed belief that their action is somehow right. As mentioned, there are universal right vs. wrong beliefs that all of humanity will agree on. These individuals do not believe the same. For example, if someone watched their father con people out of money growing up and was abusive to them as a child, in their adult life they may commit a robbery and justify it in their mind by saying this person has more money than me therefore I have the right to take it from them because I am poor. Or this woman did not talk to me at the bar, therefor I have the right to rape her when she leaves because she defied me. They view these events as injustices commmitted against them or that they were somehow entitled to something that they did not get and therefore they have the right to impose their own views on that of others because they lack power in their own lives. 
  5. They are not held accountable for their actions - You would be suprised how many crimes go unreported in the United States that should. Drug cartels and criminal organizations in foreign countries commit barbaric acts such as beheading people because they are never challenged or held accountable for their crimes. When society does not punish people for evil acts, they continue to commit them. It doesn't really matter the reasons why they commit the acts. The bottom line is that they will continue to commit them if they are not punished. 
  6. People crave love or attention or have an unfulfilled need - Attention grabbing events such as people filming police brutality that is improperly contextualized, school shootings or the school shooter phenomena, suicide bombing, fake artists, fake gurus, all these people have the same thing in common and that is that they crave attention because they have an unfulfilled need. The person that films someone being killed by the police has a desire to be "known" for filming a misclassifed or unjustified injustice. The School shooter needs to reconcile the fact that they were bullied or treated unfairly or cruely by their classmates. Fake Artists and Fake Gurus lack the stamina to become masters worthy of praise and therefore craft images for themselves to make them appear more important than they actually are. While there are varying degrees of evil, all of these things are rooted in an evil principal which could be as simple as using deception as a tactic to elevate oneself. 
  7. People truly have severe mental conditions as a result of genetic or chemical imbalance that does not allow them to reason properly - There is a segment of the population that is just plain crazy. I can't even say it's their fault, but they are there and we have to deal with them. While not all crazy or mentally disturbed people commit evil, the ones that do have to be recognized, managed and properly treated to avoid a potential threat to the remaining law abiding and sane portion of the populous. These people's minds have somehow become flawed in a way that effects the seminole systems within their brain such as the centers that empathize, rationalize and reason. 
  8. Temporary trauma and loss of perspective  - Sometimes people snap as a result of lacking the proper resources necessary to solve their current problems. This sometimes temporarily suspends their healthy belief sets in favor of a more animalistic form of beliefs developed many thousands of years ago to keep them alive. This is why you see seemingly normal people do shit totally outside of their personality such as kill their spouse or a housewife going on a police chase. 
  9. People following the wrong people - Mass physcology, persuation or state instituted violence - Governments and tyrannical leaders are especially good at making people commit acts of evil without even thinking they are wrong. Many religious sects think it is okay to indescriminately kill anyone who is not a "believer" or a leader may even lead his followers to drink poison from a well because he believes an asteroid is coming. This can be right down to the Fake Gurus, Fake Artists or chain marketers. People follow these people because they don't think its wrong.
  10. People lose or fear of reprisal - This is what I like to call "Symptom of a Sore Loser" . When people lose a game, argument or anything else for that matter, they must in the end win even though they already lost. I have dealt with this in business many times. People insittuted the worng set of values because they were abused as a child, they then lose the game and because the lost the game or were exposed as being wrong, they have to "have the last laugh" and will therefore commit an evil act to avoid bruises to their egos. I have dealt with this a lot in business. People who tell me their solutions are better than their when mine is clearly better by the numbers, etc. 
  11. They don't want to upset the status quo - People who are not in touch with themselves on a spiritual level tend to attach to the materalistic world and people who judge their value as a person by this world. I knew a guy who took my friends money for a web project, fucked it up, did not accept responsibility for his failure and tried to write it off and make excuses. From what I understand his company struggled and he lied to many clients and merely collected their retainers to support his lifestyle because he did not want to upset the status quo and appearance that he was a successful and knowledable business person, when in reality he wasn't.