Why I'm Deleting My Personal Facebook account

Everyone knows how I feel about social media. I wrote the first book on how to unaddict yourself from it. It’s called Social Media Rehab and you can get a copy of it at SocialMedia.rehab.

Since I wrote the book, I have maintained a personal page for the purpose of trolling people to use as content for this project and also to manage pages associated with brands I own or am involved in.

But I have decided indefinitely to delete my personal account.

Reason being?

Well, should I really be asking myself why I am deleting it or should I be asking myself why I need it?

Here’s why I am deleting it

  1. I constantly see people make ignorant statements that are not supported by facts - As you can read throughout most of my philosophy, most people are starting to live more of their lives in the fantasy world than in reality. What this is doing is allowing them to build a false world around themselves that is not how things actually are but how they want things to be.

  2. The people who are my real friends are already in my phone - It’s pretty well proven that if you are not communicating or physically seeing the people in your life on a regular basis then you technically don’t have a relationship with them. There may be many people you really like but will never see or never see again that you constantly see on the internet. The problem with this is that if you see people you like or care about but you don’t really get to see them, then this causes separation anxiety, which is unhealthy. If you met someone traveling that you will never see again in your life, what’s the purpose of keeping up with a life that you will never participate in? When you do this you subject yourself to this feeling it only gets worse and becomes a constant weight on your shoulders and makes you crave for the past, which of course is already over.

  3. Most if not all of the people on my friends list do not care about me or my life - I already knew this, but I decided to run a charity campaign as further proof that people don’t give a fuck about me or anything important to me. My real friends donated or at least acknowledged me, but the remainder did not. The reality is that when I troll through my friends list, I do in fact have a better life than a majority of the people there and they should be responding. The reason they don’t is because they don’t want to actively submit or give power to something for which they envy. This has all been written about before by many other people, so it’s nothing new. My point is that if I have this huge group of people sitting out there in the digital space not providing me value, why should I provide them value?

  4. People take things that happen in the fantasy space and bring them into reality - In my book Social Media Rehab, I discuss the fact that people see posts you make, form an opinion and then take the opinion or perception they developed in the fantasy world and try to apply it to reality. This is not possible, but people try to get that oil and water to mix. When they do it causes unecessary drama, not for me but for them. For example, if I make a statement on the web backed by numbers and this person does not agree with that, they might “unfriend” me. Now I see them in a business or social interaction with a smirk on their face because they were not wise enough to deferentiate between fantasy and reality. Their fantasy mind perception now becomes their reality. The problem is that it is not reality. The fact that your “Perception” is reality is a myth. Just because you perceive something a certain way does not make that certain something a certain way. What it does is put you in a vunerable position when you refuse to acknkoledge the actual reality of the situation, a situation that could potentially could have a real world consequence to you.

  5. It gives people the illusion I am accessible to them - Social media provides access. The social media outlets take this access and sell it to advertisers at a profit. Your time and attention is the most valuable commodity known and they take full advantage of having access to that. Not only do these outlets have access to you, but the people within them have access to you, or at least they think they do. When someone friends you, they say oh let me see what’s up in his life today. They now have exclusive non-paid access to your thoughts, photos, location status, likes and anything else you can imagine. If people want access to all of that content from me, either they come to my platform or they pay me for it.

  6. Social Media capitalizes on the negative aspects of people’s personalities - It’s well known that these platforms capitalize on the negative aspects of people’s personalities not the positive ones. Human nature dictates that the agitation of these areas of the mind provides more excitement, which is why so many people are addicted to wagering their opinion on Donald Trump. People love getting upset and reacting, but I don’t. If I get upset about something I am going to channel that energy into art such as what I am doing now. I have an issue with social media and how people interact within these systems, therefore I write about it on my own platform, which provides value to others and will ultimately be monetized.

  7. Any exposure is bad exposure - If I am being involuntary subjected to the intense feelings and beliefs of others on a daily basis then I am putting myself at risk mentally. Seeing one comment a person makes can throw you off or get you thinking about something that you should not even be thinking about much less entertaining. Even though I am not using these systems from a personal standpoint, because my personal account is connected to other people, I am still subjected to their thoughts, feelings and opinions. Once you see something you can’t unsee it, so it’s better just not to see it. It’s not that I don’t care it’s just that I have already provided clear evidence to these people that social media is not a therapist and that the reason they feel the way they do is because they are using these systems.

  8. Being on social media makes you responsible for things you may not have seen - Because most people are trolling social media for a significant amount of time, they assume that you are as well. Because of this fantasy world assumption they have, which is not reality, they are going to hold you accountable for being aware of things that you may not be aware of. Birthdays, parties, events, deaths, weddings, baby showers, these are real life events that people need to be promoting in real life if they are important to them, not on social media.

  9. People are fake and I like to be around real ones - It’s okay to have a persona or voice, but you need to clearly state that it is your objective. People on social media are not media personalities, artists or actors. Personalities like me only use these platforms to extract people out of them to turn a profit in the real world. Because I am an artists, I have license to say and present myself in whatever way I see fit. While people on social media have the right to say they like it or they don’t, they don’t have the right to classify me as anything other than an artist. As mentioned in the 14 Things a Real Artist Does Podcast, I articulate the fact that artists do not operate on the same plane as the rest of the population and our governing rules are not the same, so you can’t apply your mindset to how we operate. Most of all, we are not afraid to be ourselves or whoever it is we want to be in a given moment. Most people “wish” they could be this fluid. People always say to me “I wish I had that kind of freedom”. We all have this kind of freedom and we can all become artists, but you have to stop living by the rules you are currently submitting to in order to do that.

  10. To prove to others that it is possible - People who know me already know that I do what I want to do. But as an artist who has a substantial predisposition to addiction, I can tell you that I certainly understand why people are addicted to these systems. But addictions can be cured or remediated with the proper treatment. Social Media is similar to smoking cigarettes. Social Media is a digital cigarette as a matter of fact. It serves us no benefit, but we do it because it gives us something to do and something to talk about. But both of these are illusions. When smoking cigarettes, you are now only put around a larger group of addicts that also have many issues and who also are not going to help you evolve. Even if they were highly intellectual or Hunter S Thompson types, do you also need to be smoking? The answer is no. You can still interact with social media users without being one. But the difference between you and them is that you understand the detriment of these systems. Just like a cigarette, you know they are ultimately harming you, but you can quit and when you do it will only serve your benefit.

All this being said, if you are currently friends with me on social media, you have my numbers.