Social Media Rehab

This is the book I am writing on Social Media Addiction. It is the first written plan and solution to un addict yourself from social media based on my own proven experience and method. The book will be in the e-book format as well as a paperback coming later this year. The book will also contain links to a complete 3 hour lecture and downloadable podcast for those who want to watch a video of me giving the course or listen to it on their way to work. A separate website is also under the works exclusively dedicated to the book, ideas and disconnection movement.


The Dating App Makeover

This is the next book on the docket which discusses proven tactics women can use on their dating profiles to attract more men. Initially, this will exclusively be in the E-book format and possibly a mini site. Most of what women post on dating apps is not relatable to the male mind. Women need to break these habits of thinking they know how men think because they don't. We are hard wired to think a certain kind of way and this course, book and website will educate women on that.  DECEMBER 21, 2018

Bulldozer: Dawn of a New Era, end of an old error

This is the rap album I am making. The goal with this project is to establish multiple things. A develop a contrasting voice in the industry, B. display superior skill and production ability and lyrisms. C. Prove that viral is a myth and that the industry only promotes products that are accepted and contain a similar sound than what's out on the marketplace. This album will establish a trend for the quality of artistry that will need to be adopted in the future to advance our species forward intellectually. RELEASE DATE JANUARY 21, 2019

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