My content is not for everyone.

My main goal is to teach you what I have learned since I have been on this planet so far to the best of my ability.

I will at times be funny, entertaining and offensive. Other times I will just deliver the content without injecting a lot of emotion into it because I don't need to or because I don't feel that way.

But, I do understand my instructional style is not for everyone. So if you arrived here at my page it's probably because you are not part of the ideal audience I was originally marketing to, trying to attract or want to even keep.

IF you are aware of my no fake fans policy, the policy states that if you are not a full subscriber of my mission, I ultimately don't want you here. While you are more than welcome to patronize the content that interests you, if you are critical of it in any way and vocalize that to me, you are now costing me money and you need to leave.

If you purchased one of my courses and were not pleased with the content, I would be more than willing to give you a refund, but I will also be adding you to my fake fans list. This means that you will no longer be able to purchase courses from me in the future because either A. You are manipulating the system by purchasing my content and not paying for it or B. You are not the type of fan that is ultimately going to generate me income or create a legitimate student - teacher relationship.

That being said, if you would still like a refund, please enter your information below and it will be processed as soon as possible or within 10 business days, whichever is closer.


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