Ever So Secret Admirer

Gal you don't even know
the second
i seen your face

how it tripped me up
tripped me out
turned my whole world
upside down

it's like lightning
lightning struck twice
at the same damn place

You got your red dress on
You got your red lipstick on too...
What - you - do
To a man - like - me

make me fall in love
so easily...

I'm your secret...
Your every so secret admirer

Gal I watch the way WAY
the way you work the room
and the things that you SAY, SAY
when the tip of your tongue touch the spoon


I'm your secret...
Your every so secret admirer

[guitar solo]
Gal I can just tell TELL
when i get a good look at cha
you'd raise Satan straight out of hell HELL
police might just throw the book at cha
I would if I could, and i probably should
cause the way you look
might just make me sell my whole farm to the Amish
cause what you do to a man like me makes me fall in love so easily
gal i bet you cause a whole gaggle a shit
for whoever you with


I'm your secret...
Your ever so secret admirer