Harsh Reality

I got way too many things
breaking my focus
way too many people out there
trying to get noticed
really doesn't matter what yousay
cause these days
if you ain't accepted by the commission
don't expect to get a position

It's a harsh reality

this life I've been living...
all this money I've been spending...
all these cribs I've been flippin...
all these balls I've been dribblin'
tryna get myself out this prison
cause it's all self inflicted
and i need a little redemption

It's a harsh reality
that you living a lie
It's a harsh reality

you will
never get noticed
unless you are GMO certified
by the bottomless trollers
gotta be heartless and souless
equipt with dreadlocks
and curlers
to keep the faggets engaged
with your twirlers
cause you lack purpose

It's a harsh reality!

that I am a monster
in each-and-every-genre
 not concerned with being a wanna
or fucking being madonna
for all the sheeps and the lammas
cause I'm a heartles bastard
bout to ride train on you assholes!

It's a harsh reality
that you living a lie
walking off Amistad
like you were enslaved by mossaud
what you need
to write in your music
is that your existence is useless
and that you fucking look stupid
for fucking making excuses
for why you living a lie!
and I will never comply!

It's a Harsh Reality

that this biz is a place
for spending and spending
bending and trending
hoping people will listen
hoping people start getting
all the shit that you're saying
so you keep praying and playing
till your feet melt to the pavement
you go harder and harder
as shit gets
farther and longer
so far detracted
warped and backwards
cause of all of the acting
and so you start attacking
and having allergic reactions
then they send in the rabbits
to eat up all of your cabbage
and distort what the facts i

It's a harsh reality
that people lack vision
too concern with people's opinions
and they never take action
and gals get older and older
cause they be ghostin ass trollers
I put a hoe on the corner
till she improve her persona

It's a harsh reality
that you're living a lie!
and I will never comply!