Social media especially gives a significant opportunity to people who operate on the fantasy belief system to poke holes in whatever they want even if it does not match reality. Because of this they may perceive a mistake as deception. For example, if I quote a statistic and say that the number states 96% but the actually percentage is 98%, they may think you are being deceptive. This is not true. It could be an honest mistake and if it is, I am more than willing to update the statistic or update my belief system to sync up with reality.

Deception is when you intentionally misquote something, including an immutable number in order to push your agenda forward. For example, Fake Gurus are masters at deception. They will tell you whatever they have to in order to get money out of your pocket. They will never really tell you how they made money or break down the process for you on how to do a real estate transaction. You have to pay for all of this alleged knowledge up front. Even if some of what they tell you is real, it is actually the result of the reverse apprenticeship, just like that of a Fake Artist. They are able to monetize something first and then once they have the money, they go learn all the stuff they need to in order to be a socalled expert. So they get your money and then they go buy the house. Now that they have the house, they can prove to you that they know what they are talking about.

Same goes for the Fake Artist. The Fake artist uses the rule of celebrity to get famous, whether on their own or with help from a master a public relations for example, and then once they are "known" their fanbase does not care how shitty of a performer they are. The power of the brand attracts them, not the power of mastery. Once they have this audience's attention and the money to bankroll their own apprentiiceship they then take the time to actually learn how to play an instrument or become a better songwriter (the smart fake artists will do this). Because they have never really experienced hardship it then makes it easy for them because they can sit in their mansion all day writing songs without the threat of the man encouroaching on them.