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Due to the popularity of my site and the value I provide in my content, I have now turned it into an entirely private members-only site.

In order to access my content going forward, you must purchase a membership. There are lots of benefits to becomes a member, including:

Member Benefits:

  1. Exclusive access to over 60 hours of video and audio footage (adding more weekly) of me discussing the music business, life and how to be successful

  2. Over 50 blog posts, articles and podcast briefs of content not being discussed anywhere else

  3. Over a dozen lectures on various topics including money management, improving your odds in business and life

  4. Exclusive Question and answer, where members can ask me questions directly about any topics.

  5. Exclusive cell phone video blogs and candid answers to issues that people want my perspective on.

If you want to try it out, you can visit my membership levels to learn more.


1- DAY SUBSCRIPTION $1.99 (Access all content for 1 day to try)

1 -WEEK SUBSCRIPTION $5.99 (Access content for 1 week)

1 - MONTH SUBSCRIPTION $17.99 (Monthly recurring subscription to access all site content. Cancel anytime after the 1st month.)