Playing Tug of War with Adult Children

In life we are constantly playing “Tug of War” with other people. They want us to go one way and try to force us to go there. We are trying to do our own thing and be a leader who inspires. This lecture outlines tactics used by Adult children in an effort to manipulate and control people with their flawed logic.

I made an honest mistake in this lecture. I said 89,000 police officers. I don’t know where I got that number, but the actual number of sworn police officers in America is 765,000, according to Wikipedia. I also said 89,900, when I should have said 89,889 when speaking of the “1” bad apple I was speaking of. The craziest thing about this honest mistake is that honest mistake makes the actual situation even worse!

Mike's comprehensive plan for Latin America

So I made this one a while back on my cell phone but I have thought about it a lot. I wrote it down somewhere too, but I can't find it. Basically this addresses the root cause of illegal immigration, all the stigma and what we can do to solve the real problem and create prosperity for all.

Watch it. I might add a more elaborate written description later, but the video is the best way to get the idea concept out there now so people can consider it.

The Dick Magnet Lecture

A scathing lecture and general outline of how women should be acting towards men if they want to get them and keep them. Lots of concepts covered here. Saving Strippers vs. The Stripper Exception as well as the Angel Devil Concept discussed in the podcast 14 Things a Real Artist does.

More lectures will be done on this topic soon. This topic needs some length added to it, but the content is definitely valuable, so I wanted to post it.

I apologize for the audio quality. I started using a lavalier microphone inside my shirt and I'm still trying to get it figure out.

The Chick Magnet Lecture

The Chick Magnet Lecture is for guys that want a basic premise on how they should approach being better with women. It goes through an overall philosophy that can help guys improve not just with women, but with people in general. Especially good for the socially inept.

I hope to do more of these and potentially develop some paid for material to really help guys improve their lives to get the results they desire.

Emotional management and acting out

I was recording a vlog and it went a little long, so I decided to put it here in the lectures section. I may record a better one at a later date.

In this lecture, I discuss why people act out. Basically, instead of turning their thoughts into art, they turn those thoughts into actions that at some times become detrimental. This includes emotionally imbalanced individuals who "go postal" or temporarily lose perspective as I mention in the Why People Commit Evil podcast.

Watch and learn. More to come!



The Donald Trump Lecture

This lecture is not what you think it is. Everyone talks about Donald Trump, but what's the real issue. This lecture outlines what people should be focusing on.

The only mistake I made on this lecture was talking about that I had 3 options with regards to voting. I said 1. Couldn't vote 2. Didn't vote 3. Wasn't able to vote. Obviously couldn't vote and wasn't able to vote are the same thing. I just don't want to re-record this lecture!

There is some great content in here.