The digital age has brought on the dawn of a new era in which more and more people are starting to live their lives in the Fantasy world. Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, all of these platforms are contributing to people’s false reality and sense of self.

For example, viewers of the show Sicario or Queen of the South on Netflix enjoy drug cartel brutality because they do not have to face the real world consequences associated with these lifestyles. The reality is that no drug dealer meets a favorable end and all of them either wind up in prison or murdered. Their activities cause irrepairable damage to their communities and generations of innocent people who become casualities of their greed.

Social media platforms now give normal people the perception that they are superhuman by making them a self appointed authority on nearly any issue of interest to them. Untrained eyes at times view this content and run with it.

All this ties in because the reason people turn to these outlets is primarily because they capitalize on the primal human desire to avoid working hard. People don’t want to work for anything, they just want the rewards associated with experiencing life’s experiences. This mentality causes people to also develop a sense of entitlement. “I should have this job or I should have that job simply because I have a degree from this university”. As most self made entreprenuers will attest to, this is far removed from the reality of the world. The world that operates on supply and demand driven by commerce.