The rise of the internet has given birth to a variety of fantasies and illusions which have polluted reality and cause people to now operate in the fantasy realm.

The fantasy realm is a place where people make up their own definitions for their existence, ignore numbers and facts and justify their actions to themselves using fabricated data.

For example, Dating Apps, which are platforms designed to captilize on the basic human need for companionship now create unrealistic expectations in the minds of their users that they now carry into the real world. Users overestimate their actual value akin to charging an excessive amount for a used car that the market has deemed only has a certain value. Because these apps give them the illusion that they are desirable to the carosel of beta males that primarly utilize these apps, they now carry their fantasy world behavior into the real world.

The Knight in Shining Armor Fantasy - This is a fantasy primarily held by women who believe that one true love exists that will exonerate or “save” them from the pains of daily life. Some men also hold this belief that there is one person out there for them that could potentially be their “soul mate”. The reality is that sometimes the Knight does not come back.

Endless world traveler Fantasy - If money were not an object many people would desire to travel the world. This is a form of escapism that is an attempt to alieviate a larger broader issue deep within them.

Substance abuse and avoidance behavior - All substance in any amount is a form of avoidance. People drink alcohol to “unwind” some people smoke marijuana or take opiates to numb themselves to the paints of daily life. This is dangerous because it misdirects their energy toward a detrimental activity instead of something positive that will build them up and help them evolve such as the creation of music or art which can take these emotions and translate them. The emotions that cause these pains are indicators of changes that need to be made in their lives to advance them as a species.

Social Media Systems, Parroting and Geopolitical opinions - Social media platforms are the great tragedy of our current generation. All of the data shows these platforms have negatively impacted society and have done more harm than good. Depression has increased 17% globally since 2005 as a direct result of the advent of these technologies. Comparative culture, parroting and other negative behaviors brought on by these systems have coaxed out the most negative attributes of one’s personality as a result of the fractional thinking they incite.

Debt culture and fiscal irresponsibility - The accumulation of debt in the 1st world is one of the biggest tragedies of the modern era. From cars to houses to clothing and accessories the youth are systematically enslaving themselves through purchases that are totally unecessary in their daily lives.

Pop music, rap music and EDM - These genres have thrown mastery out the window in favor of brand heavy presentations of subpar m

Dating App Paradox