In the Paradox of the World Traveler Fantasy Podcast I talk about the concept of Dopamine Chasing. Dopamine chasing is when you endlessly chase experiences through travel and other means that do not contribute positively to humanity.

It could be said that "life is all about enjoying yourself". It is perfectly fine to live with that mindset, because of course you only have one life to live.

What you will find out if you do this though is that eventually you will want to go home, wherever you decide that to be. Some people have turned their lust for travel into businesses that generate income like Nomadic Matt. He is not a dopamine chaser because he is contributing positively to the lives of others and also creating some sort of taxable income in the process.

A dopamine chaser is more in the mind frame of someone who travels the world endlessly, gets wasted, posts on social media, and again, does not contribute positively to human evolution.

It is fine to be a dopamine chaser if you choose to do that, but dopamine chasing is a barrier to mastery and that is why I developed the concept and placed it here. If you want to become a master worthy of praise, you cannot be a Dopamine Chaser. You have to choose one or the other.

It is human nature to want to run from things that are difficult. It is a survival mechanism. The problem with this is that when you do not attempt difficult tasks, deep your understanding or attempt to become a master worthy of praise, you will eventually be killed by in the proverbial tribe by somebody who decided to become a master.

This can be applied to caveman days as well as present day. People who do not strive towards excellence will always be dominated and controlled by people that do. This is why it is important to understand if your behavior is that of a dopamine chaser or a master.