The Dating App Makeover


I know you gals think you know what men like but you don't.

That's why you're not getting any traction on these dating apps. You are projecting and through that projection you are losing opportunities with good or great men because of your ignorance.

That's why I created this course, to educate you so that you can hopefully improve your odds.

Now, if you patronize my blog or podcast you know that I am not a believer in dating apps for a variety of reasons. But I do know that people have found success in finding a compatible mate on them, so I can't totally write them off for others. I have written them off for me, but I don't have to for you.

As somebody who is a master at branding, marketing and promotion, I know what it takes to make your brand look good in front of others. You're brand being you and everything you have to offer.

While I can't offer any guarantees that my suggestions will work for you, I can tell you what attracted me and other men to specific women on Dating apps.

So, if you listen to this advice you may put yourself at a significant advantage over the other ladies appearing on these systems that don't understand how the game works or how men think.

This course is directed at attracting a High Value Male. The definition of a high value male is first and foremost, someone who is real, who knows himself and knows what he wants. That's what a high value male is. If you want more criteria on what a High Value Male is you can listen to my podcast on How a High Value Male Operates.

The Scary Part

Mark Cuban, the billionaire entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team always says to the companies he invests in on the show Shark Tank, tell me the bad news first when they report on their progress. 

So that's what I'm here to do. I'm here to tell you the bad news first. The Bad news is that you as a female are a disposable commodity just like table salt. That becomes even more apparent when you put yourself on a dating app. So basically, the companies that produce these dating apps are no different than mafia bosses. They own an control you and their goons and underbosses who operate within these systems (men pursing you on these apps) will whack you at any moment if you step out of line, snitch, or outlive your purpose. 

Now that I have scared you, I can tell you what will prevent you from meeting a fiery death on these apps, that's the Unique Skill.

You see in a criminal organization the person who never gets killed is the one that has a skill that nobody else has or the one that holds the information or connections that will keep the organization operating. In Mexico, there was an operation in which a DEA agent was dispatched to quell the cartel violence that was spilling over into the United States. The only reason this DEA agent was not killed is because he had access to power that the cartel didn't. That power was the US government's ability to dispatch the military, the CIA or any other variety of resources that would covertly kill the drug bosses if they continued to carelessly kill and intimidate others in their community. He had a unique skill that was indispensible.

In my podcast, Why The Facebook Data Breach is Not Going to Hurt Them in the Long Term I discuss why Facebook will continue to be a profitable company despite the fact that tens of millions of people's private information were disclosed to a 3rd party. The reason why it did not impact them as I projected and was further validated once their stock improved is because their system has an indispensible Unique Skill that can't be replicated. Facebook's system has become the golden goose for advertisers who for years wasted their marketing dollars on ineffective mass media advertising. Facebook now allows advertisers to directly target only the people who would be interested in buying their product. In other words, an advertiser's marketing dollars went from becoming incredibly ineffective to highly effective and profitable. All of this happened because Facebook has a Unique Skill.

What are your Unique Skills?

You too have these unique skills. It doesn't matter what you look like or where you come from. How rich, poor, short fat, soft or skinny you are, you have a unique skill waiting to be tapped. You just need to highlight that skill.

So, now that you have a little idea of where I'm going with this, let's dive right into how you can improve your profile based on points system. Meaning that I am going to make points and elaborate on them to improve your overall personal brand and presentation to men. They are in no particular order, but the Unique Skill is probably the most important so I will put that first.

So here goes! Drumroll!!!

The top 10 things women can do on their dating profiles to attract more men. Not just more men, but the right quality of men. The man you are looking for but can't find because you are not making yourself known to him. 

  1. Highlight Your Unique Skills - I have looked at endless dating profiles of girls all doing the same thing. Sure, the girls look different but overall their personalities don't look different at all. They all have pictures of them in the Maldives or say they want their next vacation to be to the Maldives or Bora Bora or Tulum or Thailand, WHEREVER. They all have photos of them standing in front of Chechen Itza in Mexico wearing a Led Zeppelin T-Shirt. They all like to party on the patio in Uptown on a nice day. None of this shit is unique at all. As a matter of fact, it makes you look stupid, basic and not worthy of a like or swipe. You're not highlighting anything Unique about your personality. It even makes me mad just thinking about it. These things detract and distract a real man looking for a real woman. A real high value man wants to know who you are. So how do you communicate that on a dating app? By showing your unique skills. What is something that you feel that nobody else can do? Something that you can offer the world that nobody else can? Remember, it doesn't matter what you look like. It matters who you are and displaying who you are to the world. I mean hell, I once went home with a really thick girl from the bar that weighed more than me. Her unique skill to me was that she didn't see herself that way. She saw herself as beautiful and because of that she projected it to the world. Because she projected that I was attracted to it and because of that I took her home with me. Not just that, we actually went out the second night too because she had a Unique Skill that was not indispensible and that was that she was confident and accepting of her appearance and she embraced it.

    Why would a guy like me go home with a girl larger than me when I could be fucking instagram models? It's because I have experienced Playboy level centerfold women and  instagram models before and to me, they are not Unique. Their beauty is not an indispensible skill. It is a disposable trait, a disposable commodity like table salt. No high value male is going to sit around entertaining a girl like that when he could be out having fun with a girl that has a unique skill.

    I even have a story of a gal that treated me like that recently. She said she was looking for somebody real because nobody was real with her but her online presentation was symptomatic of someone who is fake. Endless pictures of herself in exotic locations, endless pictures of her in provocative clothing, her blowing kisses to her instagram followers. All that shit is what fake women do and they are never going to attract a real or high value male because they have no Unique Skills.

    So, what is your unique skill? Do you know how to play an instrument? The clarinet maybe? Post a photo or video of you doing that. Do you do standup comedy? Post a video of you on stage telling a joke. It doesn't even have to make us laugh.

    The fact that you had the balls to get up there and do that makes you unique. I saw a girl post this on her profile onetime and it immediately made a comment. I mean, she didn't comment back BUT my point is that the ball went to her court instantaneously because she was displaying that unique skill. Are you an accountant and think you are uninteresting? Remember it doesn't matter if you are interesting or entertaining, what we are looking for is unique. You have something that we can't find anywhere else. So identify that skill or set of skills and show us.
  2. Purge Photos or references to Marriage from your profile - Everything you post is sending a message. The question is: "Am I sending the right message?" The right message is to move as far away from the typical as possible and towards the unique. I know it makes you happy to post photos of you in a bridesmaid outfit with your hair curled or holding your friend's hand out to the camera that shows a wedding ring on it, but this is hurting you. And when I say hurting you, I mean it's fucking you hard. This is an instant death move. While you might attract low value or no value males towards your profile, because they overlook the photo, a high value male is not thinking that. That picture says to him "this is the end for me". Whatever girl is in this picture is going to project her desires and wishes on me and screw up any opportunity for a real interaction. Ask yourself this, if you were to goto a bar outside a wedding would you wear a bridesmaid outfit? Do you use your little nephew as an accessory when you attend a rock concert? No you don't. So stop using them as visual devices that you think are propping your brand up. It's not that a high value male does not want to be married, it's that he doesn't want someone fucking up what he has going on because of someone else's desire to fulfill a dream. That's what these pictures signify.

    It's not just about what references to marriage depict in a man's mind, it's also the fact that these images are not unique. So if you disagree or somehow get your feathers ruffled by my statements on the marriage photos, just reframe it and understand that if you are posting these photos it is not highlighting a unique aspect of your personality because so many other females are doing this same thing.

    Which brings me to the 3rd point:
  3. Have vision, but don't project - We know that we are being judged just like you are being judged. But a lot of time this is where women get it wrong. For example, my dating profile has clear indicators that set me apart from the crowd in huge ways. Women will like these photos, attract them by these photos and then once the interaction starts they fuck it up because they lack vision. I have lots of examples of this. For example, a female asked me what I was looking for on the app. I told her I was looking for a bootie call. From her standpoint she could have A. Taken that as a joke B. A Fishing Attempt (meaning she would acknowledge this and either comply or deny with using the app for casual sex) C. Offensive/unoriginal. This particular girl chose point C, that I was making an offensive statement that she deemed unoriginal. She even told me that. She said, "That would be funny if it was original". So whether or not this gal thought my comment was unoriginal or I in my entirety am unoriginal the point is that her reply in itself depicts that she is unoriginal and lacks vision. The reason being, if she had vision she would have yielded to point A and taken it as a joke because all of the other information in my profile clearly indicate that I am a high value male with an untraditional personality and approach to life. So the imagery that depicts my unique artistic personality is not unique to her. The only reason they are not unique to her is because, again, she lacks vision. She can't see or doesn't want to see into the future. What she was doing was projecting her beliefs on to me to validate her flawed thought process. Had she chose point A, which she would of if she had vision, she would have selected that and seen where it went. Instead the next day she unhooked/ghosted me and that was that. This was a very predictable outcome from my end because I see vision and can almost always see how a women is going to respond based on her mindset. But the point is that this way of thinking is messing up your ability to attract a high value male. Unique people are not disposable. You will eventually run into them at some point because typically these individuals always excel. There were reporters that used to interview Jeff Bezos CEO of and basically make fun of him for his "stupid idea of having an online bookstore". I bet they feel pretty stupid now if they are even still in the field. These individuals lacked vision, a vision which Jeff Bezos had.

    If you care to read another prime example of this concept in action enter the story of the prosecutor:

    I met a gal on this app that happened to be an attorney. We had a light interaction with one another and agreed to meet. The first reason why I knew it was not going to turn out well was because she did not show up at the time we agreed on. Not even close. She was 30 minutes late. And when she showed up what did she do? Nothing. She didn't apologize to me but she merely explained that she was down the street that's why she wasn't there on time. But that was not an apology.

    Mind you this is an adult in the adult world and we are both high value people. So, the first thing this did for this person's character is establish that she didn't care about other people's time and to her it was not valuable to her relative to her own time and the second that she didn't think it was even wrong that she did it. So just like I talk about in the Why people commit evil podcast, people who commit acts of evil or do bad shit is because they 1. They have a flawed belief system and do not thing the wrong things they are doing are wrong 2. Are not held accountable for their actions. So this individual displayed by example that she had a flawed belief system.

    She didn't think that was wrong. I guess we could play devils advocate and say well "things happen and people show up late sometimes, don't be so uptight". Sure I could say that but just like I saw in my excuses video that is an excuse. Adults are not allowed to make excuses. If you don’t pay your mortgage the bank doesn't care what the reason is.

    They just take your house. The funny thing is that as mentioned, she didn't even make an excuse. She didn't even think it was wrong and that's the problem. So within literally two minutes of her showing up she asks me where I got my PHD from. Oppps. I had put on my profile that I received a PHD from a prominent university as a joke based on a comment that another female made about my profile. The problem is that at the end of that it used to say just kidding! And when I say that it used to say I mean that I forgot to save that one little trivial two words that would ultimately wreak havoc in the mind of a female who is projecting and lacks vision.

    The crazy thing is if you go ask the gal I was on a date with while we were playing with my profile making that joke and typing in various bullshit sentences into "the most interesting thing about me category", she will validate that as well. Well this attorney gal was not happy with that. Me having a PHD from that university was important to her. So when I explained that it was a joke and pulled up my app and those two words "just kidding" were not there the whole dynamic changed.

    Then I told her my story and about my work which was equally as impressive, but she wasn't hearing it. She was building a case in her mind and firing up that battleship of a projector to mount the attack. So much so that she said she had to goto the bathroom, after not showing up on time, not apologizing for her tardiness, and might I add possibly on some sort of drug prior to her arrival (she seemed disheveled and chemically agitated the way her eyes were darting back and forth possibly as a result of cocaine consumption). Of course she didn't come back at which I explained to the waitress the entire story, scenario, messages and details just outlined here. The waitress then confirmed that this individual was a bit off. Whatever the case, in her mind the problem was me. So to give her the benefit of the doubt, I asked the waitress to go check on her in the bathroom but also indicated to her that I'm pretty sure she just left. The waitress confirmed that she left at which point, I messaged her to ask if she was okay. She responded a few minutes later that she left because "she was really uncomfortable and because I was dishonest about where I went to school".

    She's entitled to that opinion but she's not entitled to her own facts. what she was depicting me as was her projection on to me. That's not what I was but that's how she projected me to be.

    To add a layer of drama to the story, in the several minutes we did interact after she showed up late, and then ghosted me, she articulated to me that she was in fact a prosecutor for a major city and that they were currently putting away a serial rapist for life.

    So in her mind, I can see how she would sit down with me hear something inconsistent and then build her own narrative in her mind with a flawed belief set because she doesn't think it's wrong to do that and then send me to the proverbial gallows on circumstantial evidences because she connected the wrong dots.

    That's what projection is. When you create a scenario in your mind that is not factual and then attribute it to another person so you can have resolution in your story or a justification for your actions whether good or bad.

    I'm not the one that was scary. What's scary is a person in power  in the free world was that quick to judge something or someone that had nothing to do with this rapist she was prosecuting, but she would lock me away in her mind for it anyways. 

    If you're reading this as a female and you agree with her mindset, you shouldn't and you should change it now. Because you have a level 10 projection complex. I have women that are friends that have been violently raped and they don't think like that and it makes me mad that a woman would even object or attempt to blackball, perceive or PROJECT an attribute on a good man (myself) that depicts anything other than what he is and not what they perceive him to be. Not only is that a dangerous mentality to adopt that is not healthy, it could put you in legal jeopardy. Contrary to popular belief, you can't actually say whatever you want or believe about someone in public if it is not accurate. So had this gal gone back to her office and said that I was [enter any term here] and I found out, I could sue her for libel or slander and would win. I've actually dealt with similar events before with other brands I have been involved in. People go on social media and start saying things that are not true and then are surprised when they get served with a judgment. My point is that projection is a trait you should not only avoid, but it can actually have real world consequences if you are not conscious of what you are projecting on to others.

    My last point of projection deals with the woman who hired a wedding photographer. For whatever reason she was upset with the results. She took to social media and published all kinds of drama about this wedding photographer in her blog. Guess what happened to that woman? She got hit with a $1.2 million dollar judgment for defamation of character and her dumb little comments have basically ruined her financial life.

    I would never tells someone to not tell the truth or to not express how they feel. Just make sure that is actually how you feel and that whatever statements you make are accurate.
  4. Remove all pictures of your hot girlfriends - Humans are always sizing up the competition. We are built to compare. We compare products, we compare activities, we compare goods and services. We are constantly doing a cost benefit analysis on any and every situation. Including on you.

    So when you start posting pictures on your dating profile with you and your girls, guess who we're looking for in that picture? We're looking for the hottest girl, the one that is going to mother the most attractive offspring and keep us engaged.

    That being said, if you have any pictures of any girlfriends that are hotter than you in any way, take delete them from your profile now.

    Their beauty is not serving you any benefit.

    You know who the girls are, and they may be your girls but that has nothing to do with how we are engaging in your profile. If a man or anyone for that matter, had the choice between a Fiat and a Ferrari, they are always going to pick the Ferrari. Sure you could say, well the Fiat is more practical! Yes, that is true, but we're not looking for practical. We're looking for the most beautiful, relative to the options we are presented. So don't give us any options. You are the only option. And since we are comparing you against other girls on these apps anyways, you need to have the most focused image possible. It's yet another simple point that women fuck up on a daily basis.
  5. Identify yourself amongst the harem - Let's just say you happen to be the hottest girl in your group of girlfriends. Then you may post a picture of you with your girlfriend, but only under one condition. YOU MUST TELL US WHICH ONE YOU ARE.

    Nobody has time to flip through endless pictures trying to figure out who you are no matter how hot you are. Not only will men pass you up directly, but we will almost become irritated by you because you are making us work. A high value male does not have time for this shit. But you are not aware of this, so I feel inclined to make you aware.

    You can use an arrow you drop in with one of your filter apps, you can circle yourself with Microsoft paint. However you do it, just do it. We need to know which one you are so we can make an assessment and move on.

    If you do easily identify yourself using one of those methods, it would even add value to your profile because it shows us that you know how we think. You already know that we don't want to have to look for you in that picture. Because you already know this it almost adds a +10 brownie points to your overall score. Anything that adds a level of humor or practicality is always desirable.
  6. Remove anything that gives the impression that your pet means more to you than a human would - Dogs are not humans. Neither are cats or any other pet. It's okay to have these animals and show your affection for them, but you need to establish a boundary. When someone places too much emphasis on their pet, it shows they lack the social skills necessary to uphold a healthy relationship.

    Cats and Dogs are instinctive species that do not have the ability to reason like humans. For example, in the Things Gals Need to Remove from Dating Apps Immediately Podcast, I talk about the swat team going to the trap houses at night to feed the pitbulls so when they raid it the next week the dogs won't attack them. Because these police fed the dogs, the dogs were now loyal to them when they showed up to raid the house.

    This is a clear display that animals are not human and therefore should not be treated the same as a human.

    In other words, you could love your dog so much, but if I began feeding him steak, he would be loyal to me now. There is not one dog or cat that would not eat a steak if I handed them one. So, I guess when you look at it, men are the same way! You have to feed us the steak for us to continue being loyal to you. I mean it's true on both sides of the fence when you look at it. If you are not giving a man or woman sex or attention and they want or need it, they are going to get it somewhere else. BUT, I digress, that is a point that I may cover later in another course.

    Back to the subject at hand....

    Just be aware of how you are interacting with and displaying your animal on these apps. I understand that you may hold your pet in higher regard than some humans, BUT, at the end of the day, animals are animals and you need to recognize that and be aware how you displaying your kinship with this animal on your dating profile.

    Don't make it look like you are so engrossed in your animal's life that when a man sees this imagery, it will make him feel secondary in your life.
  7. Don't tell us what your pet peeves are - . I am not saying you don't have pet peeves. We all have pet peeves, but how we deal with them and what they are is a strong depiction of who you are. For example, if your biggest pet peeve is someone not using their turn signals when they enter the onramp, this sends the message that you are a petty female.

    A pet peeve is a first world concept. People who have experienced hardship do not have pet peeves.

    It means that you have not encountered any real challenge or struggle in your life that would totally push that small situation out of your head.

    When I lived in Mexico, driving there forced you to become more aggressive if you were going to get where you were trying to go. It's not that people were trying to be an asshole by not letting you in the lane like people do in America, people would not let you in the lane because you had to assert yourself to show that other person that you did in fact need to go in that direction.

    This is why I laugh when I drive around the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex where I live and these petty ass drivers throw up their hands for all kinds of stupid shit. I mean, I use my turn signals, but don't expect me to take the cruise control off when you're trying to enter the highway onramp. It's your job to speed up to the same speed as the rest of humanity. Simple shit like this or pet peeves are a symptom of our entitlement culture that gets upset at petty shit. When these attitudes are not correct or better yet, when they are tolerated, they grow.

    I can't tell you how many seemingly great looking females I have totally swiped past when I saw their laundry list of pet peeves. If you have them, don't post them, and until you can correct the fact that you are irritated by people doing small shit you probably shouldn't be searching for a male and definitely not for a high value male. People of high value don't focus on small shit. It's not that they don't want to, they just can't. There is no time. There are too many bigger things going on.

    If this is a problem for you, one way you can abate it is to gain perspective. Go to a foreign environment that takes you outside of your comfort zone. Do it frequently and often, until you have exercised yourself of that mentality. I could probably address this further at a later date, but as it relates to dating apps, just remove that mentality from your mind.

    I know that is going to upset a lot of females, because I see so many of them do it from all walks of life. It ties into a fundamental human need to be listened to. But when a man is listening to you, what you say says who you are. If you complain about turn signals or mouth noises (seriously, a gal said that on her profile. What the fuck is a mouth noise?), then you are also going to complain about the merlot stains on the private jet and if I ever ride on one of those, no female that thinks like that allowed on.
  8. Stop using filters - The definition of filter in the dictionary is a device that removes unwanted material. That's the literal fucking definition of filter. It's so funny, ironic and symbolic to even read that because what it basically says it all right there in plane sight.

    If you use a filter any filter you are a fake bitch.

    I mean, read it. A device that removes unwanted material. So there is something about yourself that you don't like or which is unwanted that you are trying to remove. In some cases you are even adding things with these filters. "Dog ears" , "Mouse noses” headdresses and halos that make you look more like a UFO than a respectable female. I have no idea how the entire female population got as far as they did with these fucking apps as they did. There is not one straight male on the planet who's man mind responds to filters. They are not cool to us, they are not "cute" to us, they are not fun for us and if you try to put us in a selfie with you and put a headdress on us it only makes us view you as a threat to our survival.

    A man does not want to sleep with a pigmouse and that's what you are making yourself when you put pig ears and a mouse nose on your picture.

    But women get it wrong. Nearly all women post pictures of them in a filtered state on dating apps. They also post filtered pictures of them on social media. Even instagram models in all their beauty post pictures of them using filters. If I was president tomorrow, one of the first things on my agenda would be to put the Snapchat CEO and executive staff on trial for crimes against humanity. All of the users of these systems would then be slapped with a massive fine and strip their right to vote.

    I don't know how else to drive that point home. Men's minds are just not programmed to understand filters. They are not attractive. They are not sexy, they are not fun or cool or cut or cuddly or arousing. That being said, if you plan to attract a male using an online platform or any platform, deep 6 the filters.
  9. Be cautious posting pictures of you and your mother - Another taboo subject that has a real impact on your dating profile is photos with you and your mother. As the old adage that young men are taught all over the world "If you want to know what she's going to be like / look like / act like, look at her mother" I have found this in my experience to be absolutely true.

    So although you may be beautiful and strapping, if your mother looks ragged and tired or angry and putrid, you have now just become your mother in the mind of a male. It is not unlike point #4 about removing all of the pictures of your hot girlfriends from your profile. The only difference being that now it is working in reverse. We are now seeing that you are hot but relative to your mother at some point you will look exactly like your mother. While there may be some social habits and conditioning you receive that may differ form that of your mother which will improve, in the looks department that will not be the case.

    That is the general rule, but there are some exceptions to the rule. I have seen them and experienced them. I have even seen moms that were hotter than their children. Well, maybe I should say that if they were younger they would be hotter than their child. Either way I would still participate in both if given the opportunity, but you get what I'm saying.

    I have also seen girls that look nothing like their mothers at all. Sometimes weird genetics or incredibly intense sperm from the father's side can bust up the probability that you will receive the ugly gene or cottage cheese legs, so it is in fact possible.

    I am just making you aware of the old rule, which I'm sure you've heard before, so that you can be aware.

    Now that you know that, you have the real opportunity to reel a guy into falling in love with you before he sees your mother. By that time, he may not even care what she looks like. Since looks ultimately fade anyways. Well, looks fade, but attitudes might not!
  10. Remove any photos that do not give an actual depiction of what you look like - This is also considered false advertising. If you put forth an image that is not representative of what you look like, then you're headed up shit creek. Most men can spot this out but some men can't. You may not think that you look beautiful being 5' 2" and 180lbs but someone out there likes you. You need to frame yourself as accurately and honestly as possible.

    Photos that do not show the bottom half of your body and only show your pretty face. Swimsuit photos that cover up parts of your body and do not show your full figure all of these things are not highlighting the best aspects about you, but deceiving people into thinking you look like something that you don't, I yield back to the filter on this one. If I meet a girl on a dating app that uses a bunch of filters, but gives me the impression that she is cute, I am going to google her to see what else I can find. You may think you can hide from it, and sometimes you can, but other times you can't and it hurts you. While this is not the same as catfishing or representing an entirely different person, it is on a similar level.

    Posting old pictures, pictures of you in a pushup bra, only showing photos of you from the waste up
  11. Not telling a man you have kids - You don't have to tell a man everything about you before you meet, but the fact that you have kids is one thing you can't leave out. He needs to know about all the baggage you carry so that he can make a determination if that's going to be  a situation that works for him or not. Gals that try to hide this information are really doing themselves a disservice because just like in the case of the short girl that may weigh a few extra pounds, there may be a great man out there that can serve as the father figure you are looking for. Maybe you are not looking for a father figure for your child if the father is already present. If he is not present, you should be looking for a father figure for him because young men need good men in their lives to teach them what they can't. That being said, just be upfront about your baggage and who all is involved so that he can make the determination and save both of you time and energy.
  12. Do not show intimate photos of you and your siblings - Overall, I don't think pictures of your family are relevant. That can really go either way. If you have a large good looking family then maybe it will bring a little value but everything goes back to what it's saying in the male mind. If you're one of five children, the man that looks at that family photo is going to see if you're the hottest sister or if you are the kloe kardasian of the bunch. He wants to know, but it's really not relevant and doesn't serve you a benefit. Not just that, if your mom is present in that photo he is also going to reference you against her. The next thing and the point of this point is how you are portraying the relationship between you and your siblings. If you are a female and your brother has his hand on your leg that is weird. If your father has his hand on your leg, that is weird. If you're kissing your older brother or any brother of adult age or near adult age on the lips, that is weird. Lastly, taking that photo with your dad or brother of them standing behind you embracing you like he's about to pull up your skirt, that is especially odd.

    You would be surprised how many females think this is okay. It is not okay, in any way. You cannot explain away things that trigger instinctive reactions in the male mind. What this says in the male mind is that not only are there other males that pose a threat to him and his opportunity to reproduce but that your DNA is potentially tainted because you have an incestuous relationship or tendency in your family. He doesn't want that for his children. He knows that a strong healthy family depends on genetic diversity and you are not displaying that when you show pictures of you and your family members in positions they are not supposed to be in.
  13. Remove stereotypical artwork and unoriginal displays - This goes to the point I make about photos in front of national monuments or wonders of the world such as Chechen Itza. Photos of these locations do not display that you are a unique person at all. They send a strong message that you are just like everyone else. The "I love you so much" sign written in cursive or making yourself the "I" in "Big" in whatever city in America. Basically you becoming the "I" in that sign stands for "I am repelling males". That's what that means. If you do insist on posting a picture of an interesting location you have visited, you need to do it in an interesting or unique way, but even that I would shy away from. There is nothing you can put in a photo of Chechen Itza that is going to be interesting. That particular monument is visited 30 million times a year and you basically have that same chance of attracting a unique mate with a picture that shows you went there. He doesn't care. Nobody cares. If you listen to my podcast on the Paradox of the World Traveler fantasy you will start to realize how typical you make yourself traveling the world in an unoriginal way. It's all been done before. That being said, focus on something us or creating a landscape that is unique.

    I once saw a gal that had a photo of her dressed in an outfit that looked like Beatle juice would wear with white and black stripes. She topped it off with a very large white hat AND she was standing in a graveyard. Not only was she a hot ass Mexican girl but THAT was unique and because of that we started a conversation. We had something to talk about. Something different because she made herself different. There are plenty of hot ass Mexican girls out there, or mediocre Mexican girls. The point is that she separated herself from the crowd by not looking typical and because of that she caught the eye of a high value male that looks for those unique traits.
  14. Remove anything that makes you look like a man or exhibits male traits - Men are looking for women. A woman does not hunt, know sports statistics about every player in the NFL, compete in strength competitions or wear fake mustaches. Yes, there are women that know sports statistics or are really into sports, but the only way the general male population or conscious male mind will tolerate that is if it is your job. For example if you are a sports announcer or you generate income making commentary about sports. I'm not saying you can't be into sports. What I'm saying is that if you look like a man because you can bench press 250 pounds you are detracting from your womanhood. It's the same thing as you in camouflage with a 5 point buck that you and your dad just killed or you shooting an AR-15 at the range. I know you're thinking in your mind that "he's a man and he likes guns, therefore I should show him I can shoot". Not really. As a matter of fact, I would hope that you don't shoot because if you do then you could potentially pose a threat to me as a male if you ever get upset. lol. As it relates to guns, what this says in the male mind is that she's not going to let me protect her because she thinks she has it all figured out. In the genetically predispose and instinctive mind of a male, he is your protector. He is he one that goes and kills the animals while you gather raw berries and grasses. It's an instinct that will always be there and cannot be broken regardless of how independent and feminist you may be.

    On the note of my own opinion: If you are a sports enthusiast and know everything there is to know about college football, it is debatable whether or not this could detract a males. There are alot of males that are attracted or like women that have the same interests and sometimes that interest is sports. As it relates to a traditional male such as myself, I do not view this as a positive aspect that attracts me to women. I don't follow sports or patronize sports, because though I agree with the teambuilding aspects they promote, ultimately sports were designed in Roman times to distract people from crimes being committed by the establishment. Because of this, I don't agree with sports or the level at which they are worshiped because they are still doing that same thing today. They are distracting people from real issues. If people already knew what the issues were and fixed them, then I would say they can go watch sports and that they are okay. Because society hasn't done this yet, society shouldn't be rewarded for their bad behavior and that bad behavior is lack of civic involvement that results in negative and adverse consequences for society.

    Lastly, as it relates to male traits, please ditch the stupid Mario mustaches. Mustaches are a male trait and that should go without saying. You putting little mustaches on in all of your photos makes you look stupid in every situation with no exceptions to the rule. So stop now and remove all photos of you with those dumb mustaches on now. After you do that, you can proceed to the next point.
  15. Remove any reference to politicians or your opinions on politics - Most political beliefs that people have are not their own. They are merely parroting different the things they hear on social media, from someone they know or from something they saw on the news. The reality is that most hard lined political ideologies or platforms are created by organizations called think tanks. What these organizations do is employ scholars that create sophisticated messaging and propaganda that is distributed to mainstream media outlets to influence public opinion. The reason they do this so that the established order can maintain their monopoly of power over the populations they rule. How it relates to you is that most high value males or anyone who is conscious already knows this. So when you state that "You need to swipe left if you voted for Donald Trump" this exposes the fact that you have a severe deficit in social intelligence. This ultimately repels high value males. People with PH'ds in political science don't wager such opinions because they know that politicians are elected as a result of the political process and public opinions and therefore view most candidates from an objective standpoint. You may not like Donald Trump, but from an objective standpoint he is a businessman and master of his own reality. If you read his books or understood his nature, I'm not saying that you would like him as a person, but I am saying you would gain an understanding for why he acts and makes the decisions he does. That's what intelligent people do, they try to understand why people take certain actions. After they do this they then formulate their own set of beliefs and thoughts for how they will engage with the outside world. If you want to post political opinions just keep in mind that it is going to hurt you more than it will help you. Unless you can frame that belief in some sort of universally understood humor or joke that everyone will laugh at, take it off your profile.
  16. Where you want to go on vacation next - Going to a resort in Mexico or any other so-called trips or "next vacations" is a spoiled 1st world activity. Bali, Bora Bora, the Maldives, Thailand, these are all typical locations that further illustrate the fact that you do not have unique skills or desires for yourself. While it's certainly okay to go there, if you post a picture of you riding an Elephant in Thailand, that is not unique. Believe it or not there are tens of thousands of single women who have done that same thing and they are all posting it on social media and dating apps. Also, many times when you state that you have been to these places or are going there, you are not taking the road less traveled. Staying at resorts in Mexico may mean you physically went to Mexico but it really doesn't mean you went to Mexico. If you did not go to any of the individual pueblas themselves or anywhere English is not spoken then you basically went to Disneyland. Well-traveled and well rounded people do not go to resorts in foreign countries in an effort to experience that country. They immerse themselves in the culture which is only found outside the "protected" movie prop landscapes you see all over instagram. As I have mentioned in many podcasts including Why Social Media is Destroying Your Life, the pristine pictures you see of the beach in Tulum, Mexico do not depict the reality of most of the beaches there. Most of them are covered in sargassa seaweed and plastic bottles (I'm sure the same can be said about Tailand), yet you will never see that on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine. All you see is pictures of the pristine beach that is cleaned everyday by an entire crew of people in an effort to uphold the fantasy they are creating for you. The bottom line is be careful about what you are posting as it relates to travel and just understand if it makes you appear unique in the mind of the viewers. Where you want to go on vacation next really tells us nothing about who you are UNLESS it is to an incredibly unique location that a majority of people have never been to.
  17. Saying your dream dinner guest is a fake artist, fake guru, pop star, celebrity or any other famous person that has done nothing for society - You know who these people are. If they are on the cover of People Magazine, chances are they haven't done much for society. Admiration of celebrities shows you lack general understanding of the world and project shallowness. High value males do not acknowledge these members of society as contributors. They are takers. They take time and attention away from masters worth of praise and are ultimately responsible for societal decline. An easy way to determine if your dream dinner guest is valid and going to catch the attention of a high value male imagine what would happen if that individual was removed from society. If society would be radically worse off, then you probably have a valid dream dinner guest. An example of these dinners guests might be Thomas Edison or Niccolo Tesla. Perhaps The Wright Brothers or even Steve Jobs. These are all masters worthy of praise that made undeniable contributions to society through their creativity and inventions. Celebrities can be added and subtracted from society and literally nothing will change but where your attention goes. You will still be flying in airplanes because of the Wright Brother's contribution and turning on Thomas Edison's light bulbs at night because of his invention.
  18. Any brands or symbols that attempt to elevate you through their own equity as opposed to what you contributed - Expensive cars, terradaddyl skin bags with branded indicia, photo walls and pictures of you in front of monuments are examples. While we have already covered this to a certain extent, the actual material items have not been covered yet.

    Like I have already covered, photos of you with popular material objects is your attempt to elevate yourself above the rest of the female population, when it can actually hurt you. If you have an expensive handbag, in the male mind, this does not tell him that you are cute. This tells him that you are expensive. Same thing with expensive cars. If you have an expensive car, especially if you are not already incredibly successful, you are trying to bring a fantasy towards you reality when you are not ready to be at that level. It's okay to drive a Honda Civic while you pursue your master's or PHD. Even if you don't have those things, it's okay to work at the ad agency or law firm and be the only one without a Mercedes. Real people do not care about these objects and never will as it relates to assessing a person. If you are a person of means and you have a nice car, that is perfectly fine too, just don't put it in your dating app photos. A man does not care that you drive a Mercedes. A man cares more about you looking like one.

    Two of the most unique profiles I have seen on dating apps showed a female displaying her unique skills. One of them had a video of the gal playing clarinet. I was instantly sold. She wasn't even the best looking of the bunch, but she had those unique skills!! Another was of a girl doing standup comedy. It wasn't even that funny, but she was up there trying and doing what 9/10 females will not do and that's put them in any position that will socially assassinate or embarrass them. I almost think some females would rather be physically harmed than socially assassinated.

    Just always remember that shallow and void people use inanimate objects to fill the holes. The sooner you learn this the sooner you separate yourself from the pack and increase your chances of getting noticed.
  19. Remove any other bullshit that's bullshit - Weekends at the patio bar, tailgates, karaoke, EDM festivals, desert revivals, fake artists (I already mentioned that, I always mention that) supplements and chain marketing. The list is long, but I mostly went over it for your already. Just keep in mind that what you may think is original may not be original.

    This concludes my course on how you can improve your dating apps. Everything expressed in this course is solely my opinions and perspective based on my own personal experience.

    If you have any questions feel free to send me an email. I hope you enjoyed this edutainment experience.