Dating app makeover


Dating app makeover

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You think those mouse ears and pig noses are helping you attract men on dating apps? They're not.

This course gives you 2 hour a reality based education on how you can improve your dating profile to potentially attract more mates.

My main goal is to present the information in a new and entertaining way that will give you more insight into the male mind.

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Content covered:

1. Highlighting Your Unique Skills
2. Marriage References
3. Projecting your desires
4. Pictures of you with your friends
5. Pictures of your pets
6. Your "pet peeves"
7. The use of filters
8. Photos of you and family members
9. Accurate photos of yourself
10. Your baggage
11. Posting of Intimate photos
12. Stereotypical artwork and unoriginal displays
13. Exhibition of male traits
14. Politics and opinions
15. Your travel desires
16. People you admire and dream dinner guests
17. Use and display of material objects
18. Other typical events and displays

Disclaimer: Course is meant for entertainment purposes. No guarantees are expressed or implied. Individual results may vary.