If a problem is complicated it is hard to solve. When things are complicated, they may have many moving parts in order to solve a given problem. These parts may be placed in various locations with various timings like gears in a watch, but they all serve a purpose to the overall mission, which is to move the hand of the watch. Things that are complicated require tremendous focus where as things that are unfocused add parts to the process that are not necessary to the overall goal.

So if someone says, why did you write a book about social media addiction if you are a guitar player? The reason why is because I wanted to understand why social media was or was not beneficial to my career relative to how I was using it. Was it serving me a profit or was it serving me a distraction? Distractions are barriers to mastery. When I speak of Dopamine Chasing, it's not that I don't like to travel, I just do it in a contextual form and am very keen on its purpose relative to my overall goal.

Complication has everything to do with focus. The harder things are, the more you focus.