Dealing with Adult Children

Mayan Ruins in Palenque, Mexico with a cool ass French girl

Mayan Ruins in Palenque, Mexico with a cool ass French girl

I deal with a lot of adult children on a daily basis, so bear with me on this post...

Basically, an adult child is someone who lives in the adult world but handles adult situations like a child.

I can give you five examples of Adult Children that I dealt with today alone:

1.     An individual did not clean up after themselves and then made excuses for why they did it and said they would do it later when they had time. They then proceeded to entertain themselves with whatever entertainment value was on their screen.

2.     An individual got butt hurt by a lecture I did because he "felt like the content was being directed at him". After I called this individual to talk through whatever was on his mind, he decided to just not call me back because he got his feelings hurt. The Harsh Reality is that the particular lecture wasn't even directed at him individually but it was directed at about five other people in a conglomerate fashion. He may have been one of them, but it wasn't about him, specifically. (That's why I address core issues, because usually it's more than one person that has them.)

3.     I went to a new barbershop. I requested that the individual raise my left sideburn slightly because it was not even with the other one. This individual proceeded to debate me about my own haircut and condescendingly held both of his hands on my head and restrained it, while he attempted to display to me the alleged equality in height of the said sideburns. He then said "see one of your ears is bigger than the other". While that may be the case, it is my head, my hair, and you are to follow instructions and give me what I want, not what you want.

4.     I entered the doors of the post office at 4:55 p.m. Even though there were 5 whole minutes left on my iPhone telling me that it was 4:55 p.m., they instructed me to come back tomorrow. I couldn't use the machine because it was broken and she replied "Yeah that thing's been acting funny and not really working for a while."

5.     The last adult child situation I am not going to mention on this post because they will definitely get butt hurt.

I could go on and on and on and on, for days, weeks, months about this shit. It doesn't bother me. The reason why it doesn't, is because I can't afford for it to bother me. There are too many other things happening that I have to take care of and there will undoubtedly be more adult children at those locations as well.

The thing you need to understand about adult children is that they become adult children in two distinct ways:

1.     They had a missing parent or bad home life growing up

2.     They had a great and spoiled home life growing up

In both cases, these individuals are rarely held accountable for their actions when things go awry and these individuals grow up to be, well, adult children.

It's okay to bitch, complain, and have issue with the world, temporarily.

Then after you do, it's your job as an adult to do one of the following or both:

1.     Stop bitching and complaining; or

2.     Do something about it to change it

Complaints that don't lead to action are worthless efforts that hinder your ability to succeed at anything.

My complaints ALWAYS lead to actions, which is why I get a lot of shit done.

The thing about adult children is that because they are children, when you talk to them from an adult perspective, they get upset. They go into child mode. If you talk to them like a child, they try to go into parent mode and try to exert authority over you.

So how do you deal with them?

The short answer is you become a charming parent or a loving parent and show them lots of what they are lacking in order to get the ball moving in the right direction...your direction again.

Either that or you just don't. But it’s better to get these people on your side than to not. But there are some cases, where these adult children cannot be reformed. I have dealt with many of those as well.

Just be aware that they are out there. How they react to you really has nothing to do with you.

As the adult you get to choose how to react.