Pay no mind to the social media "digital" dope fiends

 Cattle Ranch outside of Marathon, Texas

Cattle Ranch outside of Marathon, Texas

The general populous mostly has to be entertained or pacified before they are educated. In other words, I have to sit on the hood of an exotic car in my YouTube video like a #fakeguru before you will listen to me about how to make money. Or I have to be sitting in the grotto at the Playboy mansion surrounded by women before you will listen to me about how to pick up women.

So If I get really passionate about something I am talking about in my video, these same individuals from the mildly retarded general population now think that you are not credible because it is not in a format that facilitates a dopamine dump.

They need to see that hot girl.

They need to see that "social proof". They need to see that "As seen on tv " logo  at the bottom of my page for me to be validated by them.

This is how they are.

But this is not how I am. You should never bend to the will of an audience that is not serving you or your mission. Not only will that take you off your mission but it will put you in the presence of people you should not be around.

I know people that act perfectly normal and look worse than me, dress worse than me and drive normal cars that are worth millions of dollars because they know these people's opinions don't mean shit.

The people I'm talking about, those type of people never take action. The world needs more people that take action, not sitting around waiting for someone to tickle their asshole.

I know people listen to me, the youtube video playtime and website traffic prove it. Those are the people that matter to me and those are the type of people that need to matter to you too.

Just keep that in mind and careful consideration as you move forward in your pursuit.

#selfhelp rant concluded.#