Little big man syndrome at it's finest

Scary ass dude in Port Isabel, Texas

Scary ass dude in Port Isabel, Texas

I don't play games I can lose. I can't say that I haven't before, but I don't now as a result of not winning then. You catch my drift?

Yeah, that's where experience comes from.

For some reason this slime ball motherfucker that screwed my friend out of money popped into my head, so I had the urge to google him. Of course that was a mistake because there are all sorts of reasons why I shouldn't have done that.

I get to see the slimeball in his element doing whatever the fuck he does to try and make a name for himself.

I mean, I get it, but at the same time I don't.

What do you stand to gain by trying to assert yourself in a situation that is not serving you a benefit?

That's basically what this guy did. The only reason he didn't get burned by me is because I have too many people throwing money at me to do other shit to fuck with him.

But he's still out there, fucking people over, doing what he does.

These people really can't be reformed. I've listed a whole reason why people do the bad shit that they do in the Why People Commit Evil Podcast. This particular individual was abused as a child and then carried his bad behavior into adulthood. He's the type of guy that just can't lose even when he does.

That's basically what happened in this situation, which is why it erks me. He lost and decided to be the guy that goes out to his car to get a weapon because you stole his girlfriend in the club.

I mean that's fine, you can go do that.

But a guy like me is prepared for that situation and will gladly remind you who's boss if the opportunity presents itself.

To be honest, some dogs just have to be put down and he's one of them. But I am not the dog pound and I am not going to get dirty trying to hang out in one.

That's why I create art and all the other shit that I do, in case you haven't noticed. It helps me to get over whatever it is that is going on in my mind and move past it to brighter pastures. 

Overall I'm a calm and good spirited guy, and at the moment, things are going well for me. I don't have any bullshit or toxicity in my life and I'm learning a lot of new unique skills that are going to help me going forward.

I still feel those pangs of shit that happened in the past from time to time though. But whenever I do I just turn on that fire and put it in my headphones and remember just how powerful of a person I am because I choose not to be like everybody else.

Keep that in mind when something starts to get you all twisted up. At the end of the day, in our free and open society which is America, you have ultimate power over you. Nobody else. Always remember that and good luck with whatever it is that you're working on.