The process of refinement

 Playa Paradiso, Tulum, Mexico. The same beach every single female on dating apps puts on their dating profile because they are not unique.

Playa Paradiso, Tulum, Mexico. The same beach every single female on dating apps puts on their dating profile because they are not unique.

I talk about Art vs. Product allot. The fact that when you create a lot of art, some of it inevitably turns into product. Product is art that resonates with the marketplace that you can monetize.

For example, I did a podcast on the Things gals need to remove from their dating apps immediately. That became so popular that I decided to make a online course on it called The Dating App Makeover, which I will inevitably turn into a book.

Everything I create is Art but when some of it turns into product, the product may at some point need to be refined.

Refinement involves honing a product or piece of art down to it's most effective state.

For example, in putting out The Dating Makeover "course", I made two promotional videos to utilize in marketing the course to females on Facebook.

Initially, the promotional video "You are basic" of me speaking in the voice of a Gay Male had a higher engagement rate than the "Hello Dating App" video of me making fun of the females.

Females were responding and interacting with both ads, but the one that made them buy was "Hello Dating App".



It's strange because I don't know exactly what that means. To me they both seem pretty cool. It could be that I showcased numerous videos in a vlog style and they like the transitions. That's the only thing I could think of. Regardless of what happens, females pulled out there credit card to buy a course or podcast by someone they had never heard of and for me that is a success.

This did not come without a cost though. I lost money on this learning experience, not a lot, but some. It's hard to tell what this means.
I also ran a campaign to free which encouraged a free download in exchange for an email address. This too also produced results, garnered some emails but actually had a lower engagement rate than expected.

Lesson learned here? People do not value free. I already knew this, but I didn't know that as it relates to the web and digital content such as paid courses, etc. You see a lot of people who will "give away a free e-book" for an email, etc. I don't know how effective that is in getting those people to eventually pay for something in the future, but a lot of people do that so it must be a viable strategy.

What I'm saying is that the engagement rate was lower for an ad that advertised the product for free that it was for the product I advertised for money.  

The most striking thing about all of this is that it wasn't the most striking thing.

The most striking thing about all of this is that both between the paid downloads and the free downloads, none of the participants responded to my emails asking for feedback. None of them filled out the survey I requested, but all of them opened my emails.

Because nobody responded to me, based on my veteran status with women, I assume that they are scared to respond.

In the course, I come across fairly harsh when you listen to the sound of my voice. To a stranger, especially a female stranger, this is a huge turnoff, especially to the audience that was patronizing the content. The buyers were between the ages of 18-28. So basically, at this age they have all of these things running through their head last of which is that they want to be yelled at by a man when they are trying to improve at attracting them.
Because I'm pretty good at the reversal and seeing other people's viewpoint, that is the conclusion I drew.

Because it's art, I do not worry about the outcome. Once something becomes product it may still be art but the nuances cannot be ignored, especially if there is the potential to turn a profit from any improvements that are made to the product's design.

That being said, this is why refinement is important.

  1. People listened to the Things Gals Need to Remove from their Dating Apps Immediately podcast and it became popular. This means whoever heard it liked my approach.
  2. The people that clicked on the ad and especially the ones that bought the course established demand for the product and proved people were willing to pay for it.
  3. Because they were not already familiar with my work and had not heard the original podcast, to them I was  a total stranger. When they heard it they didn't know how to contextualize it. Because women see fantasy and not vision, whatever I presented did not sync up with what was going on in their head and therefore they tuned it out.

All of this is okay, but the problem is that if we know all of this, how do we improve it so gals going forward will buy it?
Refinement. Take what worked and apply those principals to your refined product.

That being said, if I know women were turned off by it because they didn't know me and they didn't respond to my email, it means they don't like me or don't trust me and are therefore ghosting me. Because most of the gals are younger, this is how they have been socialized. You ignore people and situations you don't want to acknowledge or recognize.

This is perfectly fine. It's my job to be objective when selling a product.

In being objective I am going to take what I already know about how women think and implement it into the next version or the refinement of the course The Dating App Makeover.

It will feature me:

  1.  Not in my camper which probably sends a signal in the female mind that I could potentially be suspect
  2. Not have poor lighting that made my face look sickly and white
  3. Dressing up nice as if I was going out to pick up one of these chics
  4. Possibly have some sort of social proof like female giving a testimonial about how much male attention she received after she removed all of the halo headdresses from her photos
  5. Other shit I can't think of right now like maybe some comic relief or other stimuli that gets her to make an emotional and irrational buying decision.

Yep, that's the plan...

Oh yeah and maybe a paperback book to come in the future to compliment all of that. Besides that, that is all I have to say for now! Stay tuned for The Dating App Makeover version 2.0