The Leapfrog Effect

I am so far ahead of the curve that I don't even have enough time to update my own website to report it. I'm going to have to delegate the process of posting content soon because I create way too much of it.

This is the Leapfrog Effect. By the time you see what I'm doing, I'm already on to the next thing and if you try to hold on to a point I already made, I'm already gone.

You have to adopt this philosophy in business. You need to be moving so fast that people don't have the chance to catch up and if they want to, they will have to do it on their own time. Mark Cuban the great entrepreneur calls this "waking up everyday pretending like someone is going to kick your ass", or something like that. I call it leapfrog.

In my Questions and Answers, someone asked something that's already been asked or covered in nearly all of my content. All of my content is arranged in simple enough terms that if people like my philosophy, they can inquire on their own. I'm not going to baby sit. I'm not going to debate. I'm not here to serve your need. I'm here to serve the needs of the people that agree with what I'm doing. Period.

If I have to sell you on the numbers, then you are not evolved enough to be in the conversation. I mentioned that in the video response, that if you ask me a question and I reply with a statistic, a fact, and you want to debate a number, then you live in the fantasy world. Numbers cannot be debated in the real world. Numbers are immutable. This is a key concept. Go look it up.


That being said, I am on to the next thing, already. My production calendar is jam packed, but because I am so determined on a daily basis, I'm already ahead of that, but I still want to do more.

This is the Leapfrog Effect. If you wait around, ask dumb questions and consume social media looking for answers to problems you already know the answer to, or you're looking to me to take action for you because you don't want to do it, you're going to get leapfrogged by me or someone else. Don't let that happen. Start moving. Start going. No excuses. ZEEEEROOOO. Move motherfucker. The crown price is coming through!

Oh yeah, and watch my excuses video at the beginning of the post if you didn't already. Of course you did because you're lazy and don't want to read!!