YouTube is the graveyard for attention whores


As I've talked about in the Myth of Viral video, nothing just "goes viral". Everything needs a catalyst.

Since I started the brand, I have carefully analyzed how people interact with my content and I'm figuring out how worthless YouTube is by the day. We already know they censor and demonetize content that is not Acceptable Art, so it's no wonder I feel the way that I do.

As I've talked about in my podcast you have all these YouTube stars with millions of followers that still work at the coffee shop because their followers think they are "selling out" if they ask them for money.

I'm not in business to do shit for free. Yes, I will create a lot of art and I enjoy doing it, but inevitably some of it has to turn into product that can be monetized or I am dead in the water.

Luckily I've been smart with my money over the years so I don't have to be a total whore to the system, but I do need to be cognizant of what's working. What I'm starting to figure out in posting my content across the platforms is what is working.

My long lecture videos get alot of views. That suprised me, but I realize there is a lot of valid information in there. I think a lot of it can be monetized now that I've created the concepts and honed my delivery. I'm excited to develop that further to see what happens.

The bottom line is that I will probably switch from YouTube to another platform that allows me to publish high quality video but isn't dependent on the digital plantation. It is a plantation after all and on the plantation nobody makes any money.

That's where the unique skill comes in. Though I have many unique skills, the main skill I can see turning into a profit for me is in me teaching people what I know (which I am already doing). People will pay for that if I get to the root of the issue, which I am, starting with Social Media Rehab. All of that shit can be promoted through traditional media that will ultimately draw attention to the overall brand, not just one product.

I want to be able to create customers from what I'm doing and continue to serve them as best I can using as little resources as possible. Though pumping test content into Facebook has been a valuable resources for testing things and keeping me committed to the process, I really don't think it serves value beyond using paid advertising to get people to my site.

That being said, I am committed to that process and will work towards honing my content to build my tribe.

That's all I have to say about it for now.

Stay tuned.