Don't be a dopamine chaser

 Drone shot of my truck and camper somewhere in Llano, Texas

Drone shot of my truck and camper somewhere in Llano, Texas

If you’ve listened to my podcast on The Reality of the World Traveler Fantasy, you know I have opinions on all the dopamine chasers that want to travel the world endlessly.

Living and working out of my camper, I can definitely see the upside of doing that.

You get to have “freedom”. You get to experience new things on a daily basis and you’re not tethered to miserable work-life existence.

The problem with this mentality is that you become a taker and not a giver. You are extracting things from the world as opposed to building something that benefits people other than yourself.

Many people want to be travel writers and some do it really well. There is even this guy that I have been following for a long time named Nomadic Matt. He built a whole business off serving the dopamine chasing social media crack fiends that crave endless adventure. It’s great that he has been able to do that. He took his love for travel and turned it into a business that benefits others. Not only has he been able to generate income for himself, but he has been able to generate income for others by way of the travel experiences he provides for his clientele. Tour operators, hotels, etc. are generating real hard dollars from the value he provides. They are realizing taxable income that otherwise would not be present had he not existed. He did something about it and you should too.

I don’t care who you are, you need to be creating something. Not just creating, but trying to monetize it so you can create some taxable income that will benefit others. Listen to some of my podcasts like How to Keep Your Business in Check or How to Blaze Past the Bullshit for some ideas that embody this mentality.

I recently met a gal that was admiring my Airstream camper and she had this mentality. She wants to be a nomad and live out of her camper with her cat. As far as I’m concerned if she is not doing anything else with that dream she is part of the problem. Just like social media, these people and systems are not contributing to society.

Think about what you are going to create and start putting it out. The process brings the results and you will find your way through that said process.

Just don't be a dopamine chaser. Start contributing. Whatever it is that you feel you need to contribute.

This has been a friendly neighborhood public service announcement from yours truly,