More lessons in social experimentation


In the things I have learned posting content on my personal Facebook page podcast, I outline the fact that most of the people on my friend's list are digital dope fiends.

In the video, I also mention that these addicts are ghost watching my videos, but not commenting or liking them because they don't want to give power to the thoughts I present.

Following suit with traditional addict behavior, the next video I posted, my Extortion: Word of the Week video received little interaction. It was a great video, but because I placed the thought in their minds in the previous video that these individuals are addicts, they want to try to hide the problem by not recognizing the accuser. See how funny that sounds. They are basically digital drunks hiding their whisky flask.

As I mention in the It's Time to Be Human Video Analysis, content that is emotionally powerful and does not alienate works almost every time. So basically what happened was because I alienated my "audience" or at least the ones that are addicted, I will receive no more attention from them regardless of how worthy my next message is.

Of course I say all this but it could just be that I posted it at noon. lol. Who know's?!

Stay tuned.