Traveling vs. Escapism

I would say about 70% of the people I have met traveling would do so forever if given the opportunity. They are victims of the escapism mentality.

I talk about it in my podcast The Reality of the World Traveler Fantasy about the people who are "long term global travelers". They're jaded, disconnected and their only life experience is experiencing life's experiences. So basically, they are in the same class of society as a celebrity. They are envied, but would be forgotten if removed from society. They are takers, not creators.
You need to be a creator.

It's no secret that society at large is having a hard time keeping still because of distractionary technologies such as social media. Not only are we turning to these platforms for a digital smoke break, but we are making false comparisons between ourselves and other digital drug addicts when we see pictures of lives that they are supposedly living.

It's understandable.

Everybody is looking for that escape, that work free dopamine hit that provides them a reward for doing nothing. That's what travel does. We travel to escape from whatever situation or mind frame we are in and expose ourselves to a new set of parameters and circumstances to temporarily give us perspective or a reprieve. When one doesn't return to society or continues to be a dopamine chaser, is when traveling turns into escapism. You are running from life, responsibilities and building something worthwhile because you do not want to work. There really is no middle ground in this regard. Unless you are building an income generating business endeavor with all this "traveling" you are doing, then you are escaping.

Escaping is always bad, but I understand why people do it.

I have done it before, but I usually snap back after a maximum of about 1 month of traveling. When I do return, I feel rejuvenated and then I can resume working on my purpose filled goal, whatever that may be.

So if you feel the urge to travel, just understand if you are doing it to give yourself a break or doing it to escape a deeper issue.

The reason I mention it is because regardless of where you go, that issue is going to follow you there. Traveling can give you perspective on that issue, but don't try to escape the issue, because what you resist persists.

So in closing, traveling is a healthy activity that gives you perspective. Escapism is traveling to avoid a problem or responsibility that you do not want to face.

Know the difference between the two and err on the side of caution when you feel yourself being pulled into the desire to escape forever. You will eventually run out of money, you will eventually get older and all those friends you made traveling you will probably never see again, as I mention in the Reality of the World Traveler Fantasy podcast.

What you can do is return to where you came from or go to where you want to be and build something. Build anything. Just do something that moves you towards accomplishing the your life's purpose and what you were put here to do.

If you don't know what your purpose is, just try a lot of different stuff until you do find your purpose. If you don't find one, make one. Just don't travel the world forever and be a stranger on this earth. Be known for something. Find your unique skill. Nurture, develop and hone it.

Don't escape it.