Why we get stressed

World War II plane at the Big Country Airshow in Abilene, Texas

World War II plane at the Big Country Airshow in Abilene, Texas

It's not unusual to feel overwhelmed, regardless of who you are.

We all have stress in our lives.

It doesn't ever seem to go away either. When we accomplish one task, we are furnished with a new one to tackle. If we don't accomplish that task we feel stressed. If we get stressed, we feel like we don't want to take any action.

It's really hard to get out of that mind frame, because we are all human. We have a natural tendency to want to curl up in the fetal position when shit gets hard. lol, I do it all the time.

But eventually I come out of my cave, and you can too. All you have to do is take an action, any action and it's a step in the right direction. Even if you make the wrong decision about something, if you make no decision at all you are causing that stress to build up. When it builds up you continue to think about it until you do take an action. That's why it's imperative that you do it as soon as possible.

It's not unlike art vs. product. Many people don't create art consistently because they are worried nobody will like it. To get to something people will like, you have to keep moving. This is what every great artist does. Michelangelo created thousands of pieces of art. How many do we remember? The statue of David and the Sistine Chapel. You see my point?

So don't let your stress consume you and just start taking action. You already know this, I just wanted to tell you again as a little reminder.