Change of podcast format

Changing podcast format

If you listen to my podcast you can see that my episodes are very focused. I like this format because it forces me to put all of my thoughts into coherent points, so I'm not just ranting. I do think there is some value in ranting though...

The first forty or so episodes of my podcast I never released and they were in the ranting format. What I liked about them is that they were very organic and it really made me flow off the top of my head. When you do that there is a lot of valuable content that comes out.

That being said, I think I am going to return to that format, only difference being, I am going to make a list of the issues I want to address in a given episode. The amount of episodes will obviously vary depending on how much I have on my mind to talk about in a given week.

What comes out of the podcast is the opportunity to go deeper with the online courses, etc. For example, in my Things Gals Need to Remove from their Dating Apps immediately podcast, that established a demand for more content associated with that topic. Because of that demand, that art turned into product, which I have now turned into The Dating App Makeover, an online course for females to help them improve their dating apps. It may even be the first one. I never like to say the first, because whether you are first or not in anything is not as relevant as if you are known for doing it.

That being said, that's just a little newsflash update from me. Be sure to subscribe to my email list for more updates and stay tuned.