Never underestimate the power of luck

 Somewhere in the middle of nowhere California

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere California

When I woke up this morning, I think I had a nightmare about another Fake Artist making it big. Then words flashed through my head that Donald Trump said in a speech about creating luck. He also mentioned that some people are just "unlucky".

I agree with the creating luck part. I think Donald saying some people are just "unlucky" is his way of subjugating the section of the population that gives up on stuff. He went on to articulate about some guy he knew that lost momentum and then became unlucky. He was just an "unlucky guy".

We all know Donald Trump is a master of his own reality, so people should take with them the parts that apply to whatever they're trying to do. At the end of the day, he is a masterful entertainer, but not everything he says is true, duh. Not everything most people say is true. I mean, it's true to him, but it's not a universal truth. But because he does in fact believe his own truth and is being real, that is a truth in itself.

The point I was trying to make is about luck. People do in fact get luckier than others in a variety of ways. They create a product or hit song that labels latch on to and push to the masses. From there, they create sustained momentum to build a brand and eventually that said brand becomes a known entity and the cash well does not require anymore priming.

Success of others, whether it came easy, hard, or by getting "lucky", should not detract from your ability to succeed. There will always be someone greater or lesser than you. But you not taking action because of the efforts of other individuals is an excuse that will certainly lead to you not accomplishing much at all. And, if you're not getting any work done, art done or whatever DONE, it's never going to turn into a product that could potentially become a hit for you. Everything will come in due time, but you do need to keep moving, keep creating and refining your craft.

Think about creating a new landscape, something that has not been done before. It makes it easier to get above the noise when you do this. So many people are parroting the same concepts and vibes, so if you do something new and true, you're never going to have to worry about fitting in. People will have to decide if they want to be part of your universe or not. That's a much better position to be in. You want to go from 0 to 1 as the great entrepreneur and venture capitalist Peter Thiel describes in his book.

Riding trends and constantly molding yourself to what that said trend is does not create long term sustainability. I mean it can, but it's impractical and exhausting constantly chasing popularity or acceptance from an audience who's tastes change on a daily basis because of their limited attention span. It's better to focus on the audience that believes in your overall philosophy and create products that focus on that audience.

In closing, just think about the luck you're creating. Do not wait. Go out there and create. Luck comes when you are constantly working towards your objective, which is to create as much as possible and refine. Become that Leviathan octopus that becomes larger than yourself. 

Hope this helps. I would write more but it's time to move on to something else. Have a good day assholes!