Funny statistics about my first facebook advertising campaign targeting single females

I love looking at the numbers because they always tell the story. What you're doing right, what you're doing wrong, you know the drill. So in analyzing the numbers from my recent facebook campaign targeting females on dating apps, one of my videos performed better than the other.

So which one was it?

This was the clear winner. Probably because I used humor to educate, didn’t make fun of my audience and used EDM music and a gay male impression.

This was the loser. Probably because I made fun of the audience I was marketing to and because I didn’t use EDM music.

The one with electronic music and an intro statement of me doing the impression of a gay male. I can't even say that I suspected that would happen, I just think it's funny that it did. I never make determinations on anything I do without looking at the numbers first. That's what the numbers said.

I think part of what this says is that the audience I am marketing to does not want to be made fun of. They want to be entertained or humored, but only the the subject of that said humor is not directed towards them. I get that. Even though I resent the audience I am marketing to, I think it was my hope that females that actually want to improve and don't think they know everything would take interest in the product. I think the numbers are also starting to show this as well, which is encouraging.

The biggest thing I'm trying to do is help these females and educate them so that they can attract not just male attention, but the right male attention. You're always going to have that segment of the population that does not care or thinks they know. There is nothing you can do for them. Anyways...if you want to improve your life AND you're a female, check out my course The Dating App Makeover. Even if you're not a female, download it because it's funny regardless of who you are. Even if you're a gay male. You can use it to pull in more males with an extra chromosome.