The Dating App Makeover

I finished my second online course, it's called The Dating App Makeover. It's directed specifically at women looking to improve their online dating app presence to attract more high value males.

I'm pretty satisfied with it and I think it can help a lot of women out there who are looking to improve. The long and short of it is that women really don't know how men think or what turns them on and off as it relates to these platforms.

Not just that, but online in general. So, even if you're not using the course to improve that area of your digital presence, it can literally be used for any area of your personal brand or a brand you may be developing.

The course contains over 2 hours of content that you can either watch or download as an mp3. I will probably experiment with different platforms, delivery methods, and adding formats such as a pdf that compliments the course, as I make more online courses.

I will probably need to eventually build a more membership-driven site where people can access the content with their own login, but that will come later.

I'm looking forward to hear the feedback. You can buy the course now. Even if you're not a female, it's worth a listen because it's pretty damn entertaining. That being said, buy it!