What the dating app of the future should look like

Drawing I did on a receipt when I lived in Tulum, Mexico. It was wine and draw night. lol

Drawing I did on a receipt when I lived in Tulum, Mexico. It was wine and draw night. lol

It's kind of funny to even make that statement "What the future of dating apps should look like" because dating apps were once the future.

Although I don't believe in them, I do know how they work and what people, especially women, should be doing on these apps to attract a viable mate.

The problem with these apps is not their intent, but the way in which they are trying to bring two people together. Both the processes and outcomes are almost always mismatched. You have a certain thing in mind and then someone totally different shows up.

How these dating apps should be approaching the design of their platforms is more like the process that occurs when you search for a contractor on craigslist or homeadvisor.com. People should state what they are looking for and then these apps scour their databases for people that match that criteria. I'm not talking about people selecting that they want blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm talking about people talking about electricians and an electrician showing up to the house, not an AC mechanic.

In order for the system to be effective, people would need to be totally honest about what they want, what they're looking for and what they're willing to do to get it. For example, women play a lot of games with men, especially online because they don't want to turn into a bootiecall. The problem is that in order to achieve this result, they falsely advertise themselves and then try to sell the potential lead on something they are not interested in. In other words, they are selling to the wrong audience. As I mention in the Things Gals Need to Stop Doing on Dating Apps Immediately Podcast, the major problem is that women don't understand the fact that men come to these apps for sex first and everything else second. I even go as far as to say that if women are not ready to have casual sex, they need to leave these apps. It's true, but people continue to pump time and energy into these apps thinking something is going to change, it's not. It might though if the platforms were designed differently.

That's all I'm saying. Let's design these apps with reality in mind and remove this fantasy that we're going to find somebody that is worth a shit. If you have a contractor come out to the house to wire the electrical panel, all that matters is that he's a certified electrician. That is what these dating systems need to do, identify the unique skills and pair people with similar mind frames that are entirely willing to accept them in their uniqueness. Remember, they need to be honest about themselves first. I feel like if all of that is done, then we'd be on the right track. 

In closing, I guess the root of the issue is that I don't believe in dating apps because it has been my experience that whoever is designing them is really not trying hard enough. They have just enough success stories to continue the business model because it generates income and because it's a business they really don't care about the actual human outcome. They're really just selling hope. They are basically fake contractors, like the guy I talk about in my Keeping your Business in Check Podcast or the How to Spot a Petty Person Podcast. He basically took clients money because they really weren't watching the outcome as close as they should have been. I came along and destroyed his faux mentality and business model with a real solution that actually generated income and results and he was looking stupid.

Anyways, that's my rant on that for now; I will probably do a podcast on this at some point. How the dating app companies can create a solution that works and really brings people together that should be together. This could be done for friends too. We sit here and consume all of this information on social media from people that are not our friends, why don't we create a platform that finds true friends?

Just keep that all in mind until I revisit this thought.