The Amazon Effect

Me parked on the beach on the Texas Coast in my camper.

Me parked on the beach on the Texas Coast in my camper.

In my podcast I mention how media outlets look stupid for the interviews they did with Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, twenty plus years ago.

They were basically making fun of him for his outlandish idea of having a bookstore online.

Even he will tell you that he never imagined it would get as big as it did. Needless to say, Amazon has become the Leviathan retailer that stretches into tons of businesses and even has it's own airline now.

This is an example of the power of the process in action. When you try lots of shit, some of it works out and some of it in huge ways. It's not just that Amazon's model has worked; it took a really long time for it to pay off. We always hear about it when it becomes a thing, but what about the twenty years before when it wasn't a thing?

The coolest thing about Amazon for me is not just the fact that I can order nearly everything I need instantly and receive it within a few days. The coolest thing for me is these damn lockers they've installed at gas stations and other retail locations across the country. It allows someone like me who is an RV'r to deliver product that I need while I am on the road. I don't have to wait in any particular location. I can advance it to where I am going to be. I think there is even an option to change the location once the order has been placed. How cool is that?

As a matter of fact, if Amazon wanted to expound on that concept, they could develop a whole business that forwards your mail to an Amazon box, while you are on the road. The USPS could charge a premium for this service, a premium which I would pay.

I mean, because the USPS is a government organization that lacks vision, they won't do that, but if they did it would be cool.

 See what kind of ideas the power of the process can produce? Me just having an initial thought on Amazon just produced and idea that could make you rich. So boom! There you have it, the power of process in action.

I guess that was the point of my post. There is another idea for you an idea that came about through the power of the process.

Get to work and make it happen so I can benefit!